eportfolio pic 2Hello. I’m Chinweokwu “Chin” Enekwechi. Welcome to my ePortfolio! I am a registered nurse who graduated from New York City College of Technology’s Baccalaureate Nursing Program. Since the age of nine, I have wanted to be a registered nurse. As a first-generation born American citizen and the child of immigrant Nigerian parents, Igbo culture was the foundation of my upbringing. In Igbo culture, the elders are highly respected and revered individuals. I was always captivated by the wisdom that they exuded and it deeply saddened me to watch as these people aged and eventually passed.

Although aging is a normal part of life, I have always been compelled to do all that I can for the elderly; and to ensure that they are comfortable, well taken care of, and at peace. As a child, this meant helping them to cross the street, carry groceries, or even just listen to the many stories they had to tell; but I always wanted to do more. This passion to care for the elderly is what motivated me to pursue a career in nursing. In January 2013, I graduated from Borough of Manhattan Community College with an Associate degree in Applied Sciences (AAS) in Nursing. I was granted my nursing license in April of that year and immediately continued my education. I hope to eventually build a career as a geriatric nurse practitioner; I believe that it is my calling. Other fields of nursing that are of great interest to me include hematology/oncology and obstetrics.

Registered nursing today has moved gradfrom being merely skill attainment to a profession grounded in professional standards, codes of ethics, and quality evidence-based practice. I vow to uphold these standards and to continuously develop myself professionally as a nurse, and personally as a well-rounded, scrupulous, and caring human being. I hope that as you browse through my ePortfolio, my growth is evident. As a bicultural individual, I know all too well the importance of culture as it relates to health. Throughout my nursing career, I will strive to provide the most culturally competent care possible and to be understanding; and in turn I know that nursing will further broaden my world-view.