Design Objective

My role was to design, create and execute social media campaigns to promote the nonprofit sweepstakes. The sweepstakes run until August, so I had June and July to execute strategic promotional content. I created media content according to communications consistent with the non-profits company’s current branding. The promotional array consists of posting to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn communication writeups. During these sweepstakes I collaborated with other team members to produce the best content possible.

At the company I learned the different ways a nonprofit gains donations and followers using social media. I took a seminar called “Supercharge Your Social Media Storytelling Through Video ”, it gave me a lot of insight and tips to help the company expand their consumer reach.  I learned that to expand your consumers reach it requires interacting, exploring, and creating.

Women in Rainforest  laying in a Hammock celebrating World Rainforest Day
Instagram World Rainforest Day Post
  • Interaction: It’s best to answer the comments on each post.
  • Exploring: Try commenting on other relatable pages to connect with others and their followers.
  • Creating: (Snacks) 15 second clips, pictures and or videos These postings only last 24 hours.

These three components together formulate a bigger picture. With this insight I used it to refer to when coming up with different design solutions.

I also noticed that having the right accounts and content will bring you closer to your goal. Making sure all your accounts are cohesive and feels the same throughout the channels. Meaning it doesn’t matter which site your consumer finds you on, they will get the same experience and content across the board.  Another thing is having consistent content that gives your audience a call to action whether it’s to donate or sign up.

At first my job at the company was to design promotional ads that made the audience donate to a specific charity or pick their own. As time processed it changed, we dropped the donate portion as a call to action and started focusing more on the win $10,000.  Let’s be honest who wouldn’t benefit from an extra $10,000 in their pockets. The work that I have been creating has evolved throughout the progression of the internship by staying on brand. The progression can be seen in the content.


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We Collaborated

The purpose of working on a collaborative team is to have a set of people working on the same project to achieve a common goal.  Utilizing each person’s skills and strengths to share ideas and workload for a successful outcome. It is essential that each team can problem-solve and make decisions together.  Successful collaboration makes use of the distinct viewpoints of the team members, fosters a sense of empowerment and trust among them. Which allows new channels to open for real-time communication. Working in a collaborative environment has its advantages and disadvantages. Such as:


  • More Interactions
  • Multiple viewpoints
  • Building bonds with others 
  • Sharing the pressure


  • Making timely decisions
  • Being heard /Compromising 
  • Accountability
  • Responsibility 

In this internship I was given the opportunity to be on a collaborative team. I was fortunate enough to be paired with my classmate, who was also chosen to work on the same project.  We were partnered up together to do field work for the sweepstakes.  The task was to find out what people would do if they won $10,000 and film their reactions, then sign them up for the sweepstakes. During the project it was only 2 of us physically working together which worked out well for us. We had good chemistry and like-minded ideas on where the project should go. We used our strength and skills to split up the workload in hopes of having a successful outcome. When we were finished, we met with the manager for reviews and the next steps in finalizing the project. This collaborative project is still in progress, and I look forward to the results and statistics of its success rate.

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The Work Culture

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     My internship is virtual so I don’t have a typical work life environment. We do have a lot of meetings and dates on our calendar to meet before the drawing  of the sweepstakes. Being that I have an in person class right before the internship I use that opportunity for  the school to be my normal creative space from 11am to 5pm. So I tend to work 5-6 hours a day straight through, making the most of  my time.  On Fridays I start my work day at 1pm because I work at home instead of at school. Having the school as a worksite gave my internship structure and normality.  

     I do tend to collaborate and bounce ideas off my teammate who also uses the school as a work site.  We usually dress casual and comfortable with the intention of spending long hours in the same spot. When I go out and do field work or go to the corporate office I dress business casual.  I feel it’s only right to be on time, look presentable while presenting and meeting new people outside of the office/school. 

     The culture of the company from my experience is agile, collaborative and casual.  It’s agile and casual because we are trusted to work in the best way that suits us. The company’s work culture fostering these behaviors benefits me to have a flexible schedule. Having a flexible schedule allows me to balance my work, school and personal life. It also allows me to dress comfortably and relax while being productive. Being part of a collaborative culture makes being creative in this company easy. Knowing that there is support waiting, willing and ready to help encourages effective communication and teamwork skills. 

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