Hello everyone, and welcome to the Spring semester of Type & Media,  COMD1167, section D146. This is your class website and part of your required reading.  Here you will find loads of resources to help you get through the course. As often as I find interesting materials that will supplement and enhance your learning, I will update this site with them.  Sometimes you will find a recap from the day’s lesson. If I find no one is utilizing the info, I will stop posting it. Therefore, you should plan to check in here before and after each class—especially to get updates to  class and homework assignments. It is your responsibility to keep up with the information that is posted, and your participation on this site will contribute to it’s usefulness and help to enhance it. So, remember to post and comment when assigned to do so, and as often as possible to keep the discussion going. You contribution can make a big difference

Let’s get started! In the comments below, share a few of the things you hope to learn in this class.