This is a foundation course in typography with an emphasis on using type for a multiple of industry related applications.

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Class 5 — Introduction to the Grid, Templates and the Type Book Project

Here’s a brief recap from Wednesday’s class. We had a quick introduction to the grid system and templates as they will be used with InDesign.

A grid is a non-printing system of horizontal and vertical lines which help the designer align the elements of the layout. This system of alignment helps to create a more organized layout. In multiple page documents, the grid assists in the consistent placement of design elements. Think of the grid as the skeleton of the layout—similar to the frame that you see on the construction site when a building or house is being built. We will go more in depth with grids a little later.

In InDesign we learned how to use a template, and how to name files before submission. We did this as we were introduced to the Type Book project.

We also covered using the line tool to create rules, strokes, and arrows in InDesign.


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Classes 3 and 4 —History of Typography and Controlling Space

During our second week, we not only covered The History of Typography and the Five Families of Type, but  we also were introduced to Typographical Anatomy.

  • If you missed the lecture on the History of Typography and the Five Families of Typography, you can download the slides here.
  • We learned the parts of type of similar to our body parts. Download the Type Anatomy sheet and keep it handy to help you identify the different parts of letters.
  • We watched several videos in class:

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Let me tell you a little something about myself!


Hello fellow classmates! My name is Tiffany Lallkissoon, I was born in the Bronx, raised in Brooklyn and currently living in Queens. I am 28 years old and the oldest child to immigrant parents. After many years of taking college courses, changing majors, taking breaks and trying to figure out my life, I found that art makes me happy. I achieved an Associates in Fine arts at LaGuardia Community College this past summer and now I am here working towards my Bachelors in Communications Design. I am walking into uncharted territories considering that I never thought I would pursue an art major. So as I continue to embark on this adventure, I am looking forward to getting to you know you guys and gals, soaking in all that I can and continuing my path to artistic happiness! Thank you for letting me share some tidbits of my life.

Photo Credit: Deangelo

Hello My Name is Kenny Sir

Name Tag 

Illustration Credit : Jonathan

Hello My name is Kenny Siu. I am 20 year old, an Sophomore in City Tech. I am majoring in Communication Design. My hobbies are gaming and drawing sketches during my free time. I hope there are many thing I get to learn and enjoy more thing in Communication Design. It’s a pleasure for you to read this and I hope to become friend with you anytime sooner.

Intro to Davidology

Hello, my name is David Perez. This is close to my fouth year here at City Tech. I love everything about art and design from traditional to digital. I love music, games, movies, drawing and hanging out with my friends. Im pretty used to illustrator, photoshop and indesign, but I am always looking to better my skills in each program. I was never a big fan of typography, I wish to gain a higher appreciation for it. I look forward to working with all of you.


Photo credit: Crystal Lopez

Hi I’m Johana Paguay

This is an Image that was made by Karen

This is an Image that was made by Karen

Hi My name is Johana Paguay I am 19 years old I have lived here in the united states all my life . I am Ecuadorian . I have one older sister and a nephew who I love so much .I am someone who loves adventures and i like trying new things . I am very passionate about makeup , I love how makeup empowers and leads many people to find their inner artistry . I am someone who loves life , who cares for others well being and i believe that determination is key to life .

Hi I’m Javion Bailey

Javion Illustration

Hey I’m Javion and this is my third semester at City Tech.  So far I’ve enjoyed my time here and I hope to keep doing so. My favorite sport is soccer and I am a PC gamer. I also like reading. I mostly read manga, but i also read books and comics. I’m interested in learning more of the Adobe programs.


Illustration by, Kevin

All about me

My name is Morgan Jeong.  I’m from California and my personality fits the total  Californian girl cliche. I love to explore all sorts of food and I love to shop.  My hobbies include painting and playing multiple instruments.

Hey Yo! Its Orel Jeffrey

I am Orel Jeffrey,  my major is Art Advertising, I like to draw, listening to music, playing video games  and watching anime to past time all which illustrated by Alexander aka Alex. I also consider myself to be a very adventurous and open minded person, who enjoys hanging with friends trying new  things,  gaining as much experiences as possible and living life to the fullest.  

Hi, I’m DeAngelo

I’m new to City Tech, this being my first semester here.  I play video games and have an interest in technology.  I listen to many different genres of music.  I like art and fashion and I draw on my free time.  I also like professional wrestling, specifically independent promotions.  I play basketball and follow the New York Knicks.  I regularly watch cartoons, and my favorite cartoon is SpongeBob SquarePants.

Illustrated by Tiffany

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