Here’s a brief recap from Wednesday’s class. We had a quick introduction to the grid system and templates as they will be used with InDesign.

A grid is a non-printing system of horizontal and vertical lines which help the designer align the elements of the layout. This system of alignment helps to create a more organized layout. In multiple page documents, the grid assists in the consistent placement of design elements. Think of the grid as the skeleton of the layout—similar to the frame that you see on the construction site when a building or house is being built. We will go more in depth with grids a little later.

In InDesign we learned how to use a template, and how to name files before submission. We did this as we were introduced to the Type Book project.

We also covered using the line tool to create rules, strokes, and arrows in InDesign.


 Introduction to Project #1 – The Type Book

The Type Book is a typography manual that you will create as we cover the basic principles of typography. Each student will choose a performer/famous person/fictional character who will be used for the Type Book assignment.

Homework Due Tuesday, 2/20

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