This is a foundation course in typography with an emphasis on using type for a multiple of industry related applications.

Day: January 30, 2018

All about me

My name is Morgan Jeong.  I’m from California and my personality fits the total  Californian girl cliche. I love to explore all sorts of food and I love to shop.  My hobbies include painting and playing multiple instruments.

Hey Yo! Its Orel Jeffrey

I am Orel Jeffrey,  my major is Art Advertising, I like to draw, listening to music, playing video games  and watching anime to past time all which illustrated by Alexander aka Alex. I also consider myself to be a very adventurous and open minded person, who enjoys hanging with friends trying new  things,  gaining as much experiences as possible and living life to the fullest.  

Hi, I’m DeAngelo

I’m new to City Tech, this being my first semester here.  I play video games and have an interest in technology.  I listen to many different genres of music.  I like art and fashion and I draw on my free time.  I also like professional wrestling, specifically independent promotions.  I play basketball and follow the New York Knicks.  I regularly watch cartoons, and my favorite cartoon is SpongeBob SquarePants.

Illustrated by Tiffany

Hi, I am Karen Ensaldo

karen picture

This is the illustration made by Johana

My name is Karen Ensaldo Clara and I am interested in Graphic Design. This is my second semester in City Tech and I liked it so far. I love to draw even though I’m not a great artist but that is why I practice everyday.  I enjoy taking photos and hanging with my friends but what I most enjoy is to sleep at least nine hours. I am so happy to be in this class and learn a lot  from the professor and from my classmates.


Illustrated by Johana.

HW#1: Crystal Lopez

Assignment 1

Hi my name is Crystal Lopez & I love everything about art. Ever since I was little all I’ve been doing was drawing, painting and doing arts & craft. I hope to become a clothing designer in the future and start my own business.


Hi, I’m Alexander Cruz

Alex, spelled using things I like

I have a deep love for gaming, photography, and music. I hope to advance in the gaming design industry.  I would not advancing in the film industry either. I play drums each day. I try to get about an hour of practice at least so my neighbors don’t get to annoyed . I admire anime and comic style drawings. Although I myself can not draw in that style well, it is a skill I hope to learn.

Illustration by Kevin Montero Perez

Hi, I’m Kevin Montero Perez

I’m interested in art mostly any kind. But if it will have to come down to one it will be abstract art. The different combinations of shapes and colors really bring me in. Interested in music as well. The piano is my main instrument I play from time to time trying to improve my skills. Another thing I’m interested is coding, I like making websites of different things but need to learn the more complex things. And also soccer is a other interest of mine.

Illustrated by Alexander Cruz


Hi my Name is, Jonathan Valero

Drawn by KennyI’m a student trying to go for a communication design degree. I hope to be part of the game industry as a designer. My interests consist of video games, comics, and all kinds of  animation  from hand drawn, 3D, Calymation, and Stop motion  some of my inspirations in these industries are Hideo Kojima, Satoshi Kon, and Rebecca Sugar.

My name tag was drawn By Kenny

Hi, I’m Alexander Tapia

My name is Alexander Tapia. This is my 2nd semester at City Tech. I transferred my major from Architectural Technology to Communication Design. I like playing video games in my free time.  I also like watching anime, mostly the popular ones like : Dragon Ball Z, Attack on Titan, Death Note, One Punch Man, etc. I like listening to music while working on a project. I don’t really have a preference in music. I listen to whatever genre of music there is, except heavy metal.

Illustrated by Orel.

Illustrated by Orel

Hi, I’m Winnie Mai.

I’m a digital artist interested in designing for the game and film industry. You can find some of my work here: “”. I love games, movies, animals, and sleep. When I’m not busy I typically like to laze around and daydream. I can lay in bed and create worlds and stories in my head for hours.

-illustrated by Morgan