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When I created this image, I wanted the person viewing it to get a visual feel of what dance is to me using typography. I was inspired by an assignment I had to do for a pervious class which was a word as an illustration. So since this quote was mainly about dance, I chose a shape of a ballet shoe and it gives you a feeling of a specific type of dance, in this case it’s ballet.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 3.58.39 AM

The concept for this image was to give the quote an action, in this case it’s dance. The letters in dance are jumping up and down while the “like nobody’s watching” are slanted. In a way you can imagine the D, A, N, C, and E to be people moving around.

rainbow_dancers copy

For this image, I used a picture from and I used the dancer’s bodies as my starting point for placing the words of the quote. I think this concept conveys the meaning of the quote because each word is positioned differently and everyone dances differently when they are alone.