Before I reached my 120 hours, I was working on more website stuff. The map I mentioned (in the discussion board) that I finished in Photoshop is finally up on the website. I cannot believe something I actually helped created is going to be seen by other people.

And I also helped layout their impact graphics that was actually an infographic but due to the limitations of Squarespace, I helped separate the elements of the infographic into different parts. The infographic they had before (same parts shown here) was really small and I helped lay them out so it would match up with the rest of the page. In websites if you have big elements and all the sudden a small one halfway in the page it looks awkward and this is why the project manager told me to make the infographics bigger and lay them out in a grid.

I also fixed up this Young Minds Build Bridges program page. I fixed up the links under the three photos because originally they were too big and the creative director in agreement with me said the font size was too large and she wanted it smaller. I fixed it and I uploaded their documentary on top.

Here I edited the “Pieces for Peace Online Exhibition” portion. I made the text smaller and put their logo. Before the text was really big to match the height of the photo and was in a different font that was too playful for a website. I decided to go with a sans serif, plain font because it’s easier to read and more professional.