After working at my internship for three months, I can say that I finally figured out what I really want out of my career. For the last two years, I had a career crisis. I was lost with what I really wanted to do with my art in the long term.

I was struggling with picking whether I wanted to do graphic design for art’s sake or to help people and bring to light issues that are ignored. (This is getting into a field in design called social impact design).  And if I did both, I didn’t know how would this even work. I also was lost on who to work for (non-profit versus a private company). This internship really helped me figure this all out.

For this, I am beyond grateful because I wouldn’t want to figure this all out post graduation when I am actually working full time on a job. I think that would not be a good time to figure this all out as then I would be wasting my time and the company’s. Internships, I think are a good way to find out exactly who you wish to work for or if you prefer being a freelancer.

In all, I learned a lot about what I want to do in graphic design and I feel much more secure than I did before with my major. I am glad I figured this all out now so when I apply for jobs I will know exactly what to look for. If anyone else reads this, know that you are not alone. It’s perfectly alright to doubt where you are going and decide that maybe this is not at all what you want. Maybe you want to do something totally different or you are just not quite sure like me. What is important is to learn from your experiences and hold onto the notion  that you will figure out exactly what you are looking for in your career path.

Betty K_COMD 4900 Internship Presentation Fall 2018 (1)