CITYarts Alexander Hamilton Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

CITYarts Alexander Hamilton Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Alexander Hamilton Playground, October 9, 2018

On Wednesday [10/10] my supervisor had me go with her and another co-worker to a ribbon cutting ceremony of a mural that was completed at Alexander Hamilton Playground called ‘Following in the Footsteps of Alexander Hamilton.’ I  helped my supervisor carry a few things that we needed. I also helped set up the table, food, drinks and the speaker for music. After everyone comes into the park the creative director makes a speech and then the kids are presented a gift bag and certificate of accomplishment for their hard work. As the kids get their certificates and gift bags photos are taken of them receiving this. After that the actual ribbon cutting began. I took photos of the moment just before cutting the ribbon, then the actual moment of the ribbon cutting. I had around three different people ask me to send the photo because they liked my photos that much. I talked to the professional photographer who was taking photos of the event, the professional artist who worked with the kids to make the mural and his wife who is an arts professor at Rutgers University. I introduced myself to them explaining that I am the design intern with CITYarts. I explained how I do design work for them and (because I had my supervisor’s phone) I also take photos of events for social media.