Paper Chromatography

In the Biology Lab, we separated the dyes that are present in chocolate candies. We utilized the solubility in a solvent versus the retention on a stationary phase using paper chromatography. Please calculate the Rf:

Color Distance (cm) Rf
Red Red 1.5
Green Blue 7.5
Yellow 4.3

Orange Red 1.4
Yellow 4.5

Yellow Yellow 4.6
M&M Orange Red 1.5
Yellow 4.6

M&M Red Red 1.3
M&M Brown Red 1.7
Yellow 3.1
Blue 7.1

M&M Green Yellow 1.7
Blue 6.7

Solvent Front Front 8.6

The mobile phase was a saltwater solution. What do we learn from the Rf of each food coloring dye assuming they are of equivalent mass and/or size?

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