Assignment 1: What I (don’t) like about science

Please write 3 short paragraphs by February 15.

  1. Tell me why you (don’t) like science
    • use valid reasons → Should not write “it’s boring” or “it’s hard”
  2. Tell me what you do like (outside of science) and why
  3. Tell me if science plays a role in your life (if at all) and what aspect of science you are interested in.

Leave as a comment to this page and make sure I have a way to identify you if it is not obvious from your display name.

While you won’t get any extra credit, feel free to constructively comment on your peers’ entries. This is an attempt to create a useful conversation so that we can all meet each others’ needs in the context of learning Biology.

44 thoughts on “Assignment 1: What I (don’t) like about science

  1. Kiara Gil, Section 7900.

    1) I do not like science because I feel as though it is very intense and overwhelming. There are so many contrary and in-depth ideas, topics and aspects of science that I find it overwhelming to learn just one. Secondly, unless going into a career in science, most of that in-depth information is never really required again in life. On the other hand, I do enjoy science because its interesting to learn how our world has come to be and how it works.

    2) Outside of science I enjoy reading and writing very much. Ultimately no matter what one reads or writes, it helps improve general knowledge, correct grammar and vocabulary. All of these things lead to successful, effective communication which is important in daily life.

    3) Science plays a role in my life as far as health goes. I am interested in things such as diseases and health conditions that affect or could possibly affect me in the future, as it is more relevant and useful information.

  2. Christopher Ramsaroop, Section 7900.

    1) There’s many reasons why I don’t like Science. There’s so much memorizing involved in this subject that I can’t fit everything into my head all at once. Physics involves math and i’m not that great at math even though everyone thinks it’s the easiest of all Sciences. There’s many Big Terms in Biology so i have to remember these terms but sometimes there’s some terms that slip from my mind and just and i get confused as to what’s what afterwards. Science as well Isn’t something related to my Major which is Advertising design, so i don’t think learning more of it won’t help me at all either. Maybe just the Basics of it.

    2) Outside of science i enjoy playing Sports like Handball. I also tend to play Video games a lot to see how it was made and the mechanics used in it as well. Since my major is Advertising Design, I use Photoshop and Illustrator a lot to edit Photos and Retouch them. What I tend to do a lot is take tons of Photos of Places, Animals, and Plants. Any place that has a Good Scenery i would take a Photo even if it was with a Regular Camera or even a Cellphone. I always liked Photography.

    3) Science plays some roles in my Life. When I take Photos. It’s an Art but you can also learn about the Animals as well when you take the picture. As to what kind of Habitat they would live in. What do they do in their lives. What they eat, etc. Same with Plants. You’ll be able to see what Trees / Plants grow in Specific places of the Environment.

  3. 1) its not that i don’t like science but science is not related to my major. i am planning on to become an undercover cop. i think science should be less notes and lectures and more of hands on from the time of elementary school to collage. kids will get more involved into science if there is more of hands on. also i might not like science is because of the vocabulary words and the concepts that i don’t understand.

    2) out side of science i like learning new things and communicate with different people, making new friends in collage. i like to write. i like to travel to different places. i like to play sports and enjoy every day of my life

    3) i think science plays a big role in my life or any other persons life because i think every thing that we own is because of science. Phones,computers,iPods and every other invention is because of science and the great minds of many different scientist that invented these things. i think everyone would be like caveman if there was no science. the things that i am interested in science are things like DNA, reproductive system and crime science

  4. When I hear the word Science what comes to mind are terms, definitions, concepts, and the main one memorize. Do I know that learning Science is important to understand our environment and the world around us, yes, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy learning about every little detail in depth, especially the Chemistry side of Science!

    The areas of Science that I am interested in are The Human Body, Human Genetics, Biotechnology and about Ecosystems. In a nutshell, I like learning about things in our environment that I can visibly see and more easily understand. I also like to learn about Psychology and to study the different behaviors of different types of individuals and groups which can also be known as a developmental science.

    I also have a child who has several medical diagnoses and I am reliant on modern medicine and research for her day to day and for her future.

  5. Science enrich my life in a daily basis, because I love and admire nature and the whole universe. Perhaps, I haven’t read and study much and my knowledge still developing and saving new definitions in my brain. We humans live 80 years aproximately of life, this is not enough time to learn and discover everything what the universe have to offer us. Science has took thousands of years to improve and discover the secrets of the universe. Secrets because not everything is open to our eyes.
    Things that I enjoy are of course part of nature like summer, the beach, and my activities or besides working and studying are riding my bycicle and photography.
    Exactly last week, science is playing a big role in my life and helping me because my cat Cillian had a surgery and they removed five tumors from his body so in two more weeks I will get the results to see if these tumors are malignants or not.

  6. Kayle Corneille
    Biology 7900

    1. We all know science canvases a wide variety of subjects but it doesn’t interest me simply because it covers way too many concepts that are divided into various categories and their subcategories. The amount of information derived through science is tremendous and I personally find it hard studying and retaining the information effectively.

    2. What I do like outside the realm of science is writing poetry about many things, especially about nature. I love this hobby because I don’t have to think about any technical terms when looking at something, observing it, (yes I said observe) then describe how it appears to me. I find this way more relaxing than to study something in depth.

    3. I believe that science does play an integral role in my everyday life because most things that occur in the natural environment has a significant impact on my life. Instances such as specie destruction and habitat loss can affect me in many ways, for example the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. As we all know most of the coast line area around the Gulf became affected by the oil spill causing habitat lose along with an economic loss for fishermen. Disasters such as this always seem to capture my attention because I want to know what happens next and if the problem can be resolved. I love to observe the natural world from a poetic stand point and see the value behind it. This is the only part of science that interests me because I can see things through my perspective.

  7. 1) I love learning new languages, however the science language is not a very attractive one to me. It can be very complexed, confusing, and overwhelming at times. There are too many definitions, formulas, differents concepts, terms, etc… I do want to learn more about science because at the end of the day, everything and everyone is science. After a class (ex. math), I will leave remembering what I did that day. I am ok with math. In science, I will remember few infos after a class. I will just review and try to understand them later.

    2) I like traveling to different countries, discovering new cultures, how people live, their foods, etc….The main reason is because I ‘ve been traveling since I was born basically. Having parents from North Africa, and being born and raised in France…. we spent every summer in North Africa. I have been exposed to the different ways of living for a long time.Even though, we had a house there, we also had family members who lived in the desert who we visited. From France to the Sahara desert….think about it.. It did and still does make me appreciate what I had and what I have. I am talking about the basics needs in life which many take for granted.

    3) Science plays a role on my everyday life. If I go to the doctor, and was diagnosed with a specific illness…then I am prescribed medications….I will research about the illness as well as the medication. It is very important to know what you are putting in your body, and also see if there are any other options (maybe more natural). Being a mother made me more curious about life. I want to learn more about my daughters health, development (physcial as well as mental), etc… I am also interested about the natural catastrophies, and why they occur? Even though science is a difficult subjetct to learn to me, I will continue doing my best to learn more about it and understand it.

  8. Jorge Zambrano, Section 7900.

    1) Science is one of the hardest languages there is to learn because there are many accents in the language. I find it hard when it comes to memorizing the terms and definitions. I think science could have it’s own dictionary because that’s how many definitions there are. Another reason why I don’t like science is because when you think you have learned everything there is to learn about a subject you find out that there are more things to learn about it. So it is a never ending process when it comes to science.

    2) Outside of science I tend to draw to much. I draw whenever i can, in the train, at work, or while I’m studying. I would even end up drawing something on my notes. It is a way I can relax, express myself or clear my mind. I am highly creative so my mind is always ticking with new ideas so drawing is a great way for me to put those ideas on a paper.

    3) Science has played a great role in my life. I sometimes think about the achievements we have accomplished over the years and how fast science has improved and how those improvements has affected everyone today.

  9. 1.Science is essential in everyday life. The reason why I find science so interesting is because it is used in every field of work. It may impact your everyday life without one evening knowing it. I am planning to go into a medical field profession so it is imperative that I know how things work.

    2.Outside of science, I like to go out with friends’ to parties. I like to be stress free from work and school and usually being with people dealing with similar stress situations, you have a better connection. I like being in situation where my mind is at ease without having to worry about anything.

    3.Currently, I work as a veterinary technician at animal hospital. You currently see many diseases and usually find out the culprit behind it. We see how certain medications affect the kidneys, liver and many different organs of the body. I am interesting in learning about interaction that occurs in the body. Some are straight forward while other, are more complex.

  10. jennifer gayle , section 7900
    1) when it comes to not likeing science,i would have to say as a subject in high school when it came to learning about certain chemistry there were some turn offs because the teacher was boring and corny the jokes that she made were horrible. honestly i like science in general. i find it interesting actually. i dont have a problem with it its just a lot to “digest” or “take it” and thats where the studying comes in. science comes with a lot of analyzing and research and a whole lot of other things.

    2) out side of science i like listening to music and reading books, those two things keep me busy and they entertain me. i play softball and i also go to the gym 2 or 3 times a week. i like working out because excercise is good for the body and plus i dont wanna become lazy or over weight. i also like working and being independent as in having my own money and taking on responsibilities. i dont like depending on other people i like the fact that i can do for my self. i like eating and going to the movies and eating icecream. when i have some time to spare i love to watch movies and eat ice cream.

    3) i believe that science does indeed play a major role in my life, because if it werent for science we as humans wouldnt really know or understand the world and things in it. everything that i use have to do w/ science in some way, my phone, the computer i use everyday in the lab, the pen i use to write with, etc. im interested in learning about the human body how it functions and why it functions. also im interested in the basics of science how things came to be, what this earth was like, all the different types of chemicals, atoms, and elements. im interested in a lot of things when it comes to science.

  11. Andrew Bartholomew, Section 7900

    1. After learning about stuff like what is an atom and how we are all made up of atoms the more science when into intricate details I got lost interest. The practical side of science in interesting however, the theory part I could never keep up with.

    2. Information technology is awesome but that is still some sort of science I think. Its the same here, I fully understand the practicalities of IT but when it comes to theory is gets a little complicated. IT has always been an interest of mines and that why I also chose to work and
    study in this field.

    3. Science plays a role in IT. I’d say that IT has history from Physics. My interest primarily lies in IT still. Understanding computers and how they work as well as other electronics come easy to me.

  12. Personally, I wouldn’t be able to generalize science into a category of which I “do not like”. This is because subjects such as biology interest me very much. Learning about how our body and mind works, how we were formed; learning about life interests me, even though I may not be an A student, I enjoy that part of science very much. I don’t like chemistry in the slightest bit simply because its like learning another language and as much work and effort I put into studying I just never got it. All the tutors in the world wouldn’t be able to help me, and that causes me to lose interest in even attempting to my full effort. The rest of the sciences simply don’t catch any interests of mine.

    I love to read, although if I’m not interested in the subject matter of the book, you can be sure I won’t even get through the first chapter. However, there was a class I took back in high school that will forever be engraved in my heart. This class was called, “Gothic Literature.” I am a quite a fan or horror movies and stories. This class was a dream come true. My teacher kept my interest at every second, it didn’t get much better than getting scared by my homework. That class and the context of it is what catches my interest. Every time I read a scary story it brings me back to my childhood where my father would make us watch scary movies every night since the age of five.

    I believe science plays a role in everyone’s life. There’s not a day that goes by that i don’t wonder how that came about, why that is, or how does something do what it does and who made it that way. Science may sometimes be incorrect and some theories may be outrageous, but other than our religion, science gives us all something to believe in. If one is sick they have hope in a doctor who studied science to help or fix their problem. Science can be seen as a religion in itself. My biggest interest in science would have to be the subject of evolution. Being that i do not believe Adam and Eve populated the entire world, the science aspect of it makes much more sense to me.

    Marcela Ortiz

  13. 1) I really dislike science because of many reason. First for obvious reasons of it being very difficult to understand at times. Second is because there is an abundant amount of trail and error in science. Scientist seem to always come up short with direct answers that people are looking for. They experiment on animals and say that “if this animal reacts this way to such and such then humans while behave to them”. And last but not least, it has absolutely nothing to do with my major. I am a business major and they are making me take science for what reason, I do not know.

    2) Two things I love to do is play football and poker. I am a huge poker player. I go to the casinos a lot and gamble. I like to take chances and see whats happens in life. Football on the other hand is where I can take out all of my problems and release them on the field. Besides these two things, I like to invest money on companies and find out which companies are doing what in the market.

    3) Although I dislike science a lot, I can’t ignore the fact that science does play an important role in human life. As far as how cells are formed, mixing chemicals, understand the balance of nature etc..I disagree with their whole evolution theory and that big bang theory because I personally do not think that it was all one big coincidence that we are all here, but thats a whole different topic. Science is important. It helps us understand many things that couldn’t be explained many years ago. I do not know much about science but I am still willing to learn as much as possible about it before I can i say that I actually hate it. Who knows maybe after this course I’ll change my whole outlook of it!

  14. Science have many concept, especially physics is hard. I am no interest in science, because it seems so difficult to understand. I hope to change my mind in this class.
    I do like science about interesting TV shows in Discovery channel. Some science fiction is frequently fantastical. It is so easy to explore that fiction writer try to make science ficion a reality. The first class’s lab to use Microscopy was funny. I should learn more about Biology.
    “Avatar” movie is amazing. If science created an Epic journey is true, I would thanks science.

  15. What I don’t like about science is how there are so many different subjects. You can’t just learn on part and then your done everypart has a sub part. There are so many terms to be learned and also math gets involved which is never fun.

    Outside of science I love to travel. I have been many places and plan to see many more. When traveling you can learn so much and its so hands on. When I travel I am mostly with my family or my boyfriend, we get to share experiences that most never get to and make memories that I can think back on whenever Im overwhelmed in science class.

    Science plays a role in my life and everyone elses life in many ways. One big way is how we use a fridge everyday. The fridge not only keeps our food cold but keeps everything fresh. I wouldn’t be able to put milk in my coffee every morning if I didn’t have a fridge in my apartment. Science also made the TV I watch daily and the computer I’m using to type right now. Everyone would live much differently if we didn’t have science.

  16. I am interesting in science, but i hate to be invovled in science(chemistry,physics),because science is hard to reach an achievement. There are too many things such as definitions, terms and formulas that you have to memorize. Howevery, science do have an attraction for me. I am wondering about the formation of our body and how it works. I have been imagine that someday i can change my Gene and turn myself to a superman.
    Outside of science i like to play Online games and study computer. I want to study further in collage. I want to design a game, my own game. Besides this, i like to play basketball with friends.
    Of course, science plays a role in my everyday life. Many things that we are using are science. For example, internet. The invention of internet makes our life more convenience. Get the information you want without going out of your house, shopping online, making new friend. These are the benefits of science.

  17. After having entered New York City Tech, I was an engineering major. My first visit to my counselor put shivers down my spine, when I was told I had to take Physics. After having been told it was mostly math I agreed to take it. I received a C. Coming to the Legal studies department, I have found that I could take any science. I choose biology.

    I know well enough I will not do well in this course, because, as was stated during the first day of class, it’s like learning a new language. It is said that a human being can learn close to 33 different languages, apparently for me I hardly understand English, how could I possibly learn biology.

    Another reason why I hate science is all the memorization that is required. I mean I would love to be called a doctor and know all these medical terms, but simply put there just are too many to have stored. In my opinion, I believe that biology, any science for that matter, should be taken as a single course all by itself.

    Outside of science, I like English and Math. I like math for many reasons, like there is only one answer ad several different ways of getting to that one answer. There are specific steps that one might take to get to the correct answer. As for English, the majority of your writing and interpretation is subject to opinion. For this reason, there really isn’t a right or wrong answer. Which is excellent!

    Science does not play a significant role in my life. I don’t believe that it ever will. I want to hopefully one day practice law in the State of New York.

    • Science is about collecting information to test new ideas or to disprove old ones. Science can be observational or experimental. I like experimental science. I like Biology lab when different experiments are shown to us. I like science. I like to listen to lectures in class. Before Biology class, I took Oceanography class at Kingsborough College. Oceanography is a study of biology, chemistry, geology, meteorology, physics, and geography. I have to say, that science class was very difficult. When it comes to science classes, I like the listening part , and I do not like the tests part (midterms and final examinations).

      Outside of science I like to travel. I’ve been to many places. I always travel to new places. When I travel, I visit museums and places of interests. I find travelling very educational because every time I travel, I learn new things about different cultures.

      My major is Human Services at New York City Tech College. I am already a Substance Abuse Counselor. I completed my CASAC training at Kingsborough College and I earned my associate degree in Chemical Dependency . I always thought before, that for my major I did not need so many science classes. However, as a substance abuse counselor, it is good to know about the components of different drugs or medications. It will help us understand how dangerous certain drugs are for our clients. By using this knowledge, we will be able to explain to our clients about side effects of certain drugs.

  18. Nichelle Henderson Section 7904

    My reasons for disliking science might be similar to others. Science will never end and contains many difficult subjects. It’s so much to know and memorize in order to undersand particular subjects in science. Memorizing everything related to science can be so complicated. With it being so complicated it can lead me to have confusion.
    Outside of science I enjoy playing video games, drawing, listening to music, watching movies and hanging out with friends. I like to relax, but have fun too. Doing these things interest me and I have a good time ding them.
    Science plays a role in my life as well as it does with everyone else. Science is nature and nature is apart of life. This whole world is nature. Science is apart of humans, animals, plants and more. Animals eat plants and us humans eat animals. Without science scientists wouldnt be able to provide us information on how life works and more.

  19. 1. I never been a big fan of the subject Science. Just for the fact that I major in Fashion Marketing and science really doesn’t have nothing to do with it unless if its dealing with textiles and working in the lab. There a lot of words to memorize and at times it might get overwhelming. At times, it hard to even keep focused on the work. It takes time to actually understand each topic discussed in this course.

    2. Outside of Science, I love keeping myself updated with all the different past and current trends in the Fashion Industry. I like observing the different target market each retail store has. I enjoy reading about different designers and different competitors. And pretty much enjoying my life and keeping myself busy as much as I can.

    3. Science plays a role in my life because almost everything deals with science. At times, I just sit down and think about how the world was made and how humans were made etc. What grabs my attention the most in Science is being able to do all the different experiments. I love doing work that is more hands on. These experiments give me a better understanding of what the professor is teaching us in the class.

  20. Keisha Batson
    BIO 1101/ 7900

    1. Science has never interest me or has been one of my favorite subjects, it was always mandatory for me to learn about it. Not only is science boring, it is very complex. Another reason i dont like science is because it takes a while for me to comphrehend and understand most of the material being taught. Hopefully one day i will overcome this and science could then become one of my favorite subjects, and i would be more involved in learning more about it.
    2. Outside of the subject science i love math and history because those two subjects are general and straight to the point. Even though the quality of the material is alot, it is informative and you dont have to hurt your brain trying to figure out whats going on unlike science. Math is the most easiest subject ever because its all numbers. Everyone uses math everyday without even noticing it especially with money, so of course math has been my all time most favorite subject. I also like shopping and listening to music.
    3.I believe science plays a big part in our lives as human beings because science has alot to do with our health and im sure everyone is paying close attention to their health to stay healthy. I know for myself science played a big role when i was pregnant with my son because i had to learn how to take care of myself as a pregnant woman and how to stay healthy as the baby was growing inside of me. Now that i am a mom science plays a even bigger role in my life becuase i am caring for another human beings health.

  21. tamesha
    Section 7900
    I don’t science because it is a lot of facts, memorization and it’s not interesting. It challenges you to pay a lot of attention to details. It can get really monotonous with its entire myriad an intricate details and technicalities.
    Away from science I enjoy reading, travelling, playing video games and bike riding. I also enjoy spending quality time with friends and family. I enjoy giving some of my time to the less fortunate.
    Science plays a role in my life because I’m fascinated by most of the new technology. I use my iPhone, iPod, pad and computer for most of my communication and shopping experience.

  22. Amanda Croce
    Bio 1101/7900
    1)Science can be very difficult for me. There are so many different aspects of science and a lot of things to memorize, it can become very overwhelming. There are so many different terms to learn. It’s frustrating if you don’t understand it. But I don’t hate science I actually find it very interesting. There are so many different things to learn from – plants to the human body and then to our universe. Every day science helps us learn and understand new things and I find that to be very interesting.
    2)Outside of science I work with animals. It’s my job but it’s also my hobby. I help rescue animals and help find them homes. I also like hanging out with my friends and going out. I like making great memories with my family and just having a good time. I like to try and experience new things. I like making life interesting.
    3)I think science plays a big part in my everyday life. Everything that has to do with technology is science. Our I phones, TV and I pods etc. These are things that we use all the time. Technology is always improving because of science. There are always new devices coming out and always being upgraded. The most interesting part of science to me is astronomy. There are so many things that are still unknown and little by little things are being found out every day.

  23. Jonathan Leonardo
    Bio 1101-7939

    1) I love science but even though I like it there are so many things that i don’t like, for example the terminology that involve science is very complex, different names such as cytoplasm could confuse us. Moreover, the long amount of information about science have to be memorized to be applied daily, for example in a test or an exposition and we could not be able to remember anything. Also some specific information has to be known, like the names of some scientific that gave an important discovering to science.

    2) Out Of Science i love computers even though i changed my major from computer engineering to criminal justice i still love everything concern about computers. I love my chill with my friends, laugh, be funny but also i love dancing and learn new things everything even more if them make me a better person.

    3) Science definitively play an important role in my life, everything that surround me is science everything i do is because of science. For example this new technology laptops, tables, iPod, iPhone and other devices that makes our communication easier are science, every supplement i drink for my workout at the gym is science because all of them go through a scientific process that make all these product have a function in my body such as give me energy and lean muscle.Therefore sciences teach us how human being interact and give us an explanation of every situation in life.

  24. 1. What I do not like about science is the abundance of terminology. Much like anything new I learn, understanding new terms is imperative to developing an understanding. At times this becomes difficult because unlike some other subjects, I do not incorporate the concepts I learn in class into my daily life. I feel that although I have taken many science classes throughout my educational career, each time I start to learn all over again. It is difficult to build on what was already learned because I forget it as a result of not using it day to day.

    2. Outside of science I love sports because they are competitive and allow me to develop new skill sets and compare them to others around me. It takes practice and determination to become good at any sport and anything else for that matter. I like to remain active by playing sports because they help me to stay in shape while having fun.

    3. Science does play a major role in my life because of the human body and its development. Muscles and strength are a result of the activity and energy used when playing sports or working out. The energy drinks or any food in that regard, generate energy that our body uses to continue to do work. Although it does play a major role in this sense, it is rather an unconscious role. By this I mean that it’s not something that I need to think about to realize its relation to the classroom. The food to energy conversion is something I kind of just know.

  25. 1. One reason I don’t like science has to do with the use of math. Math is one of my least favorite subjects and I dislike it when we have to use it in science since it isn’t one of my strong suits.
    2. Some of my interests outside of science are doing word search puzzles, writing, playing video games and reading. I especially like reading science fiction novels because I enjoy reading these stories that break out of the realm of reality.
    3. Science plays a role in my life because it is the foundation to all the technology I use, whether it be the computer or my cellphone. As I previously mentioned I enjoy science fiction novels and all the concepts in science fiction novels come from science. I’m also interested in Astronomy, because I like learning about our universal surroundings, which is why I took two Astronomy courses here at City Tech.

    -Ashley T. (Bio 1101-7900)

  26. 1) Science is a very interesting subject to me, I like to learn new things especially how the world we live in works. What I don’t like about science is that at some point it gets complicated and not easy to understand, especially with remembering formulas. It’s also a very complex subject with a wide variety of topics.

    2) Outside of science I like to go to new places to see and try new things. Also I like to know about new technologies like tablets, phones, computers.. etc

    3) Science is an everyday thing, something new is being invented and diseases are being cured. Science makes everything easier for example the cars that are being driven, the trains the buses… etc. Science plays an important role to me because I want to know how the human body works, and how to cure majority of the sickness and diseases.
    -Sherina Goberdhan.

  27. Tammy Green Section 7900
    1). I do not like Science mainly because I do not understand the concepts that are involved in the subject. Science also involves Math which is also a very difficult subject for me. I believe alot of my dislike for Science has alot to do with the vocabulary that is used in this subject. If you do not understand the vocabulary, how can you understand the concept ? The answer is you can’t.
    2). I enjoy Writing and anything that involves Art and Theater. Music and Dance is also a big passion of mine. These subjects allow you to be expressive and creative and I really enjoy being able to have the ability to show my talents in these areas.
    3). Even though I hate Science with all my heart and soul, I do know that Science plays a serious role in my life. Many of my family members have died from serious diseases, everyday I wonder if these sames diseases will infect me or even worse, my children. I know that without Science there would be no hope for possible cures. So in regards to Science, I would be interested in finding cures for these diseases because I am definitley interested in saving lives.

  28. Juan Calderon (bio 1101-7900)

    I love science. Science is the tool humans use to understand the world around us. I like reading articles about new discoveries, theories. Having a little more than basic understanding of how things work is enough for me though. I did not expect Biology to be this difficult and i am scared of the rest of the semester. i love science but i also hate it.

    When i am not studying or working i like to relax. I am constantly in stressful environments.So i enjoy anything that doesn’t have due dates.

    I enjoy astronomy, physics, anthropology, sociology and psychology.
    Science plays an important part of my life. Science has helped me form the way the i think. Science has an explanation for everything and if there isn’t an explanation, it because it hasn’t been discovered yet.

  29. 1) The main reason I don’t like science is because there so many formula to remember. For example, sometimes you need to remember all the elements in a periodic table. Science has so many things going on and I can’t tell which is the facts or not. It not like I really don’t like science, it just I’m not interested in it.

    2) The things I like do outside of science is usually chill with my friends, go somewhere eat together or park to play ball. I really don’t like to stay home that much, just want to hang out and know more nice friend outside.

    3) The role of science in my life is the technology we having now. All the machine we all using now have been helping us for a long time. These technology was began was science was started in the world. Without these all these technology we have, we really can’t find what to do if these stuff was not made. So without science, these machine won’t even exist.

  30. Gregory Pierre
    Section: 7904

    I enjoy science despite it being not one of my strongest subjects. I do find the breakdown of organisms and how it is structured to be quite interesting. Science gives us meaning and understanding of how the world works, and how we are able to survive on a daily basis. Science is always evolving, new studies and experiments lead to human evolution. Being religious inclinced I do feel that some theories are often misleading and aren’t hundred percent accurate and I rather choose faith over inaccurate theories. But I’m very open minded when it comes to both science and religion, some say they cannot co-exist because they contradict one another, but they can co-exist it all depends what that certain person chooses to believe.

    Outside of science I’m a big sports fanatic, I’m constantly checking injury reports, stats, and scores on my iPhone. As a New Yorker I’m a fan of the: Knicks, Rangers, Islanders, Mets, Giants, Jets, Nets, and Yankees. In the words of Jay-Z, “I bleed blue”. I’m hoping to be an atheltic trainer for any of those sport teams. Many people may not know it, but science (Biology in particular) plays a major role in sports. An athlete’s conditioning and health determines his or her ability to compete.

    Like it or not, but science plays a major role in every humans life. Chemistry in particular is a bit more complex than the other major sciences, but I really do enjoy biology. Organisms and their interaction with their environment just seems to spark my interest. How we eat, breathe, sleep, and maintain homeostasis is fascinating.

  31. Daozhong Zhang
    Section: 1101-7900

    There are few reasons why I don’t like about science. First of all, science is like a new language to me. Even thought I took science in high school, I just couldn’t remember a lot of terms and the name of organisms. Big terms always confuse me and there are too many categories of living things to remember. Science may also consists a need of math knowledge, but I guess I don’t have to worry about my math skills in this course. Simultaneously, I loved to do an experiment in the biology lab class.

    The things like to do outside of science are playing basketball with friends in the weekend and other sports like football, handball, and ping-pong. I would always like to go outside to jog in the summer morning. I would do some exercise suck as pull-ups, sit-ups, and push-ups when I’m home. Exercise is a big thing in my life and I’m enjoying it because it keeps me strong and healthy. Other than exercises, I liked to watch movies and hang out with friends a lot.

    I do believe that science is a part of our lives because sciences are the technology around the whole world. A lot of things have to do with science. Such as development of medications, using physics to build a bridge or house, and some experiments could help the world become a better place to live in. Some reasons that interests a lot of scientists were to search new life of development around the world, and all those scientists want to find something new in this world. traveling arould the world, and hoping to find something specious to other people.

  32. 1.The reason why I don’t like science is mainly because it is too overwhelming and stressful. It requires a lot of reading and memorization. For me it feels like if I were learning a new language. Science demands a lot of time and concentration. Another reason for not liking science is that I graduated from high school 8 years ago, and I don’t remember anything of what I learned therefore for me it is complex to learn. What makes it difficult to learn is also the way that it is taught today.
    2.What I like outside of science is that I enjoy spending most of my time developing new managing techniques for my job. I love being involved in many activities that has to do with my job. I like reading and listening to music as well.
    3.The role that science plays in my life is that it provides me with the techniques and elements to understand our world and the place where I live in. I believe that science isn’t neither good nor bad, it depends how we use the new technology advances.

  33. Cedric Joseph Section:7900

    1) The reasons why I dislike science is because of all of the information, formulas, and other bits of information. It tends to be really annoying at times to try and remember certain things especially in chemistry. In addition the information can be really overwhelming at times and can really over my brain at times especially when I need to study to remember things for tests.

    2) But what I like about science is all of the many things you learn from it. For example homeostasis I was never aware that humans stay at a constant temperature and need to maintain it to survive. Also I liked the information about the buffers of the human body without those buffers to filter the acids contained in juice we would die.

    3)The only role science plays in my life is just its fun to know some facts about things like knowing about homeostasis and atoms. I area I would be most interested in is cells I guess. I just want to try to learn more about them and see if its possible to make more.

  34. Connie Chen – BIO 1101 – 7900

    1. The reason why I am not particularly fond of Science is due to the fact that it’s too complicated. There’s too much involved such as testing theories, explanations and predictions. I am not good with all the mathematics that is also involved in predicting all these scientific discoveries. The terms that they associate Science with are also hard to remember and define. Knowing your periodic table and chemistry are also factors that I cannot comprehend. There’s just too much that’s goes into learning Science within, that I dislike learning.

    2. Outside Science I enjoy going to work and interacting with people. I currently work at a Cardiology office as a part timer. I’ve been working here for about 5 years now. The atmosphere in this office is easy going and on certain days it can be pretty relaxing. I already learned many of the basic office skills and I am determined and willing to get more insight of the heart and its functions. I am very interested in getting my degree in the medical field and putting my knowledge to use by helping as many people as I can. Besides working I love traveling to new places, trying new foods and spending as much time with the family as I possible can.

    3. Science does play a role in my life because the field that I am planning to pursue has to do with a lot of anatomy. Also science is in our everyday life to how the sun comes up and how plants let out oxygen. How many living organism are in our day to day life and how many things happen because of the factors that science plays in our life. The aspect of science that I am interested in is how man and women came to be on earth. It is very astonishing that scientist says we evolved from apes. There are many questions that still have yet to be answered.

  35. Brenda Edmond Section 7904

    1. The reason why i do not like science is because it is very hard for me to understand most aspects of science. Science is like learning a new language there are different spellings, saying, and definitions. I don’t think i ever had a good science teacher to really explain whats going on, every teacher i had always went at a fast pace while teaching science so i never really understood it. If teacher can find a way to explain science with everyday life i think most students will understand it more.

    2. Outside of science i do enjoy math. Math has always been easy for me all you have to really do is remember the formula’s and it should be a piece of cake. I also enjoy working out. Working out is like my stress reliever when ever i work out i don’t think about my problem that i am going though. I also enjoy watching movies because sometimes just reading things are just boring i like to visualize things.

    3. Science does play a role in my everyday life. Science is basically nature, the weather, the sky, your body,etc.. life is really equal to science. Also my major is nursing so in order to be successful in nursing i must know science. Even though i do not enjoy science i chose nursing as my major as a challenge for me to see if i can really overcome my challenge. The aspect of science i am interested in is DNA also found that part of science interesting.

  36. Fredelin Perez(bio1-7900)
    1.To me science is too complex and I just don’t find any interesting about it, that I could actually apply to my life. There’s a few other reasons I also dislike science is too complicated and it involves a lot of memorizing on elements that you’re not going to use. I think is a waste of time compare to the other things I want to actually learn and use regularly.
    2.Outside of science I enjoy music and art, I consider myself an artistic person. On my free time I enjoy visiting some of the city museums. My favorite museum is the MAD (Museum of Arts & Design) which I visited plenty of times already. I truly enjoy art and I like surround myself with creative people.
    3.Science as of right now does not play a role in my life, but I know for a fact that once I start taking my major classes I will apply the science I know.

  37. Lavelle Pinkston Section: 7904

    1. I am not interested in Science because of the wide variety of topics, keywords, theories, and etc. that is needed to know in a science course. When examination time comes I am worried that I have studied a spread of topics but left out a couple that may take a toll on me passing or not.

    2. I am intrested in Science because it defines and show visual evidence to what organisms and the Earth are made up of. I also enjoy science because of the manyh experiments that we as students are allowed to do. Ex. Disect of pigs and frogs, work with chemicals and using microscopes.

    3. Science plays a huge role in my life. It is associated with medicine which is very essential to our lives because of the many diseases that take the lives of our people.

  38. 1) I dislike science because its so complicated and there is a lot of information to memorize. I also believe that i wont be using it in the future. It’s a subject i don’t fully understand when i’m in class and i have to look over it at home to understand it. All the terms, theories, and key words get me confused. studying all the information will help me out this semester.
    2)what i enjoy is playing sports, going on vacations, and cooking. Im in the hospitality management major and i have goals i want to accomplish. i enjoy my job at a restaurant in upstate NY. Basketball and soccer are my two favorite sports i watch them all the time. I like trying new things and learning something new every day.
    3) Science plays a big role in my everyday life. It’s amazing how science has evolved throughout time. Everyone gets sick and goes to the doctor to get medicine for the illness. If there was no science there wouldn’t be a cure. Science affects the simplest things such as our alarm clocks in the morning and our bus and train rides. The modern world has changed a lot due to Science.

  39. Sherzod Alimov
    section 7904

    I dislike chemistry portion of science , it’s confusing , like a alien language i will never understand. Chemistry is hard and takes up a lot of time, rather then that i do like science.

    Outside science i do like handball, massive online games, and reading about current politics. I enjoy history and historical articles.

    Science play’s a huge role in my life, the cell phone i use, computer and almost everything around me has something to do with science. Technological aspects of science interest me , how the machines operate and how they will effect my future.

  40. Ricardo Johnson
    section 7904

    1. I love science . I’ve always found it to be an intriguing subject area . Learning about life and the Laws of Nature, it kinda changes your perspective on life to know why the things you see are happening all around you.It makes me feel a bit small but at the same times gives off a sense of “Aw, now i get it”. I also find it appealing in the fact that its base on the research of so many scientists , so its kinda a collaboration of sorts of scientists in the field so its always improving as more people learn news things and theories becoming more refined.

    2. Outside of science , lets see i enjoys movies, reading , video games and sports.Mostly soccer since I am a big Real Madrid fan. So i’m always checking the scores and updates for my favorite teams.

    3. Science plays a vital role in almost everything you do doesn’t it. Cures for diseases , inventions , foods , products etc i think if you truly want to change the world around you science is that solution.Anyway i am more interested in the biological field of science because i have always had an fascination with the human body not just human but animal physiology as well .

  41. Claudia Franco
    Bio 7900

    1. I do like science, but how must of the people said is a lot of memorizing, and a lot of terms which makes it difficult to understand it. When you try to learn and memorize something that has to do with science, there is more to add and it never ends. However, I believe that science is the principle of life. It is where the evolution came from; without it, we weren’t here.

    2. Outside of science, I do enjoy traveling, go to other areas and photograph things and subjects that I have never seen before. I enjoy taking pictures of animals, people, nature, and things that surround me. However, taking pictures and having fun has nothing to do with my major, which is Accounting. Accounting has more to do with ethics, math and being organize. If you don’t know what you doing, and you don’t know how to behave, you are complete lost.

    3. I believe that science plays an important role in everyone lives. “Evolution of Life”, ” Ecosystem”, “DNA”, “Immune System and Disease”, are some examples of what people has must interest to about science. In addition, Science is the principle of everything. The air we breathe, the blood that runs through our veins, the food we eat, are some of the aspect that we have to pass in our daily lives. Science is the base of everything that surround us. It is the beginning of life, where our ecosystems begins and where it is gonna end.

  42. Bertha Gonzalez. Mo-We 10:00am Section
    1. I like science because it is about experimenting all the time. Although it involves a lot of complicated terms, it allows me understand many aspects of our body and the environment around me. Science is not limited, it keeps evolving and scientists are always finding different answers to why things happen.

    2. There are a few other things i like outside of science. I enjoy math, mainly because it always ha one precise answer and there is no questions about it. I also like sociology because it helps me understand how our society works. Lastly, i like Nutrition which can be incorporated with science. I find it amusing to understand how our body absorbs nutrients and the types of nutrients we need to be healthy.

    3. I think science does play a role in my life considering that i am going into the field of Radiology. Its very interesting to see how science has evolved up to this date. The quality of medical imaging is so much better now then it was before. And, it will keep changing and its exiting because one day i’ll be part of it.

  43. Charles Adegite

    Science has alot of weird views. Views that are known to being very educational. To me sometimes science can be very confusing and can be known to students as just given theories not facts. Why does science have to be a bunch of arguable theories that people cannot give factual statements. That’s not the case in all of science, but most science really has low validity to it.
    For example one science known to having alot of theories is Astronomy. Astronomy has alot og non proven theories. All scientist can tell you different theories upon what they feel happen 13.4 billion years ago.
    Nobody knows whether it’s true or not. That’s the thing with science. Sometimes it can leave you with a big quesfion mark with some topics. I guess its up to our generation and change that. By exploring and doing research to change those theories, to given facts.

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