According to college and departmental policies, students are entitled to a maximum number of absences equal to 10% of the number of lectures in a given course. This means that BIO1101 students will be entitled to a maximum of 3 absences. If a student misses more than 3 classes, he/she will receive a WU (for Unofficial Withdrawal) grade at the end of the semester, corresponding to a failing grade. Note that no exceptions will be made. Lateness to class will also count against you. Lateness adds up to Absences. Please show up to class on time.If you have difficulty getting class on time because of a previous class in a different building, bring this to my attention and I will keep that in consideration. If you are absent more than 2 times in your lab, your instructor will notify me and you will also receive an overall WU for the course.


Do not use your mobile devices in class unless you are using them to take notes. You should not be texting or making calls. Do not have separate conversations from the rest of the class. Arriving late to class is disruptive –please note the attendance policy.

Office Hours

My office hours are M1-2 and Th11-12 in room Pearl 313. Come to the office prepared. Do not expect me to perform an entire lecture for you. Come with directed questions regarding specific concepts that elude you or require additional clarification. Sometimes students are intimidated or concerned with looking “stupid” and will avoid coming to the office. In this case, it might be useful for a group to approach me about the same topic.

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