I BARELY have any ideas yet on what I want to do for this project, and it’s bothering the HELL out of me. I just can’t seem to think of the right thing .. Any one have any topics or suggestions I can lead on too? Other then just “science fiction” haha.

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  1. How does society and current events play a role in sci-fi? Something specific is the use of pollution and A.I’s. These are both subjects that have been getting a lot of attention as of late and seem to be over saturating media.

    The use of sci-fi as a social commentary of non-science themes. Why is it that content creators use sci-fi instead of another genre for something that should be expressed clearly rather than through metaphor and symbolism. Some good examples are the use of racism in Planet of the Apes (original), Do androids dream of electric sheep, and the X-men comic books.

    The use of abstraction in sci-fi, is it good or bad? Often sci-fi is seen as something that has cautionary messages about our society regarding themes of technology and such. So should sci-fi be something that can interpreted in multiple way (left open for interpretation), or should it say something definitive about society. An example of this would be comparing 2001 A space odyssey to something like Metropolis or The Matrix.

  2. Aaron, start with something interests you and that you want to learn more about (it could be related to your major, your hobbies, etc.). Of course, I’m happy to work with you more on Project #2 ideas: can you remind me what we discussed in our individual conference last week (I know we tossed around some ideas then)? We’ll build from there, and can meet this week again during my office hours tomorrow if you want to talk things over more in person.

    In the meantime, freewriting can also be a really good way to brainstorm / get the thoughts flowing, as can reading through other people’s proposals, to get a sense of how your classmates are approaching the project.

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