Woman on the Edge of Her Life

Ahhh, it’s finally over. Connie Connie Connie, what can I say? When we first meet Connie, she is a very nice, clean and “normal” girl out of NYC. She had plans of going to college, and she’s just trying to live while dealing with some problems. She was on welfare, a kid who was taken from her and no job. Well, she ended up in a mental institution. YIPEE, how exciting and better that was for her. In all honesty, this book was a bit gloomy to read just learning more and more about Connie and her issues. Although, throughout the book she did became stronger which made the book more interesting. (Again, for me the pages are a bit different.)

“You’re doing much better, Now you want to get better.” (Piercy 338) Then the famous quote by Connie , “Im at war. No more fantasies, no more hopes, War.” (Piercy 338) That quote was made me super happy because It’s not in a movie where the underdog just never gives up and they say that one thing that just makes you go YEAH! You just feel great for them and you want everything to end up into a happy ending. She even ends up going up against the people who may have changed her, for the good or better, the doctors. I guess it was her enemies because she put poison in there coffee which was interesting. She really doesn’t want to obtain the fact that she in the position she’s in.

I nice to see the main character who at first was nothing but some one who’s dirty, uncaring for them self, nasty and a disgrace to someone who is brave, smarter and strong! Towards the ending chapters, we see that Connie and Sybil are planning to escape. Sybil then starts to see something in her eyes. A bit a anger but Connie doesn’t want to tell Sybil what she has planned other then she’s fighting a war. She then calls up Luciente for the last time, and Luciente ends up telling her that the war that had happened could’ve just happened in her brain.

Also, I mean in a way I kind of didn’t get too happy that she wanted to kill the doctors because in a way that was they’re job’s you know? They even told her that they’re only trying to help her and get her to become “normal” again. Who know’s how she would’ve ended up if she never would’ve got the operation in the first place. Maybe it helped her maybe it didn’t. I think it helped her to be honest.

“I am not sorry, she though, her heart pounding terribly, and she sat on her bed, waiting.” The last quote I read (Piercy 376). I still felt a bit confused after reading this book as in I don’t really know how I feel about it. I have mixed reviews about it. It’ s weird book, boring for the most part but very interesting. Great “science fiction” book ! 🙂


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