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Being in Entertainment Technology, and having a lot of interest in sound design, I want to create sections of audio or score that essentially targets key emotions or moods that we usually see in science fiction (romance is probably not going to be included). These moods or emotions will be Amazement (e.g. seeing a whole new world), Tranquility (e.g. a utopia), Sadness (e.g. losing something), and Anger. For each set of moods will be a video or picture (that is science fiction) and the audio will be used to amplify what the video is trying to generate in the audience. There is one problem, and it’s me. When making audio, I want to be perfect. That being said, if it does not come out the way it is in my head, I’ll probably scrap it and snip out audio from scifi movies, shows, games, etc.

Knowing that this is a science fiction course, in my paper I want to define that link between music and modern science fiction and how it alters someone’s perception of a scifi work of art. If not define it, then narrow it down at least. Along with this will be the details of what we go through when we analyze what we see. We try to become the character and all that he/she is feeling is available to us. Through that interpretation, we create the score out of what we’ve learned through the mind of the character. This process will also thoroughly explained in my paper along with some research of what goes through the mind of some famous science fiction composers of our time.

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  1. Thanks Danny for clarifying a bit more. I’m still a little confused about the specifics (especially in relation to your discussion in paragraph 2), but as you do more research and work on the project, things should start to get more focus. I’m happy to discuss things further in my office hours if you’d like.

    Also, I really like the idea of your creating the audio yourself rather than taking snippets from already existing scores. It’s OK to use those as examples, but it would be really interesting to see what you come up with too.

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