My World?

In my ideal world everyone would be at the same economic level. There would be healthcare for everyone. Poverty would not exist. There would be and even amount of supply and demand. Nobody would want more then they already have. Everyone would have a home designed exactly the way the want it. They’d be able to choose where in the world they want to live. Anyone who commuted a crime would be sent to prison. They would never be let out and the death sentence would not exist. Happiness would exist everywhere and everyone would be polite. Everyone would greet each other and speak to each other kindly. Being rude would not exist in this world. Everyone would go to school and school would definitely be interactive.

The education system would involve taking kids on trips to workplaces as well as to museums and different countries. There would be levels to school and once children knew what they wanted to do they would choose. They wouldn’t have to spend years learning at a school to then start their career. They would be allowed to go to this workplace and have a mentor who teaches them everything. Everyone would get together with their family every week. They would plan events together and it would be wonderful.

A person in this world would die of old age. No one would be sick or have any deathly disease. No one would be able to smoke as smoking causes disease. The people would truthfully have a decision to everything. They would decide what, when, and where they did everything. What someone wanted to do at the end of the day would be their decision and money wouldn’t be an issue. The only thing that people wouldn’t be able to choose to do is something that would harm others. No one would be discriminated against. There would a penalty against anyone who discriminates or does anything to harm someone’s self esteem. Bullying in school would not exist.

Technology in this world would be advanced. Whether people wanted to use this technology was solely up to them. Technology would be a helpful device in this world but not essential. People in this world would be able to create whatever they felt the need for both artistically and mentally. One of the things that wouldn’t exist would be cars, they would be a thing of the past. People would need to walk everywhere to enjoy nature. Everyone would also be environmentalists. They would care about nature and the planet we live on.

Animals would play a big role in this world. They would live in a vast area where each of them would have a section. Everyone would help the animals and they would go visit them. There would be no animal abuse. People would be able to have as pets the animals we have now including some others. There would be no war everyone would live in peace. All countries and nations would help each other with anything they needed. I call this My World or is it?

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  1. Sounds very peaceful, and very welcoming. The section where you describe harm was really touching. To thinking about the idea of bullying, which is such an epidemic right now in our world, to abolish it would be amazing. Great post!

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