No more pain and suffering

I believe at some point in time everyone tries to imagine a perfect world, with the idea of world peace being top priority. I have thought about a particular world but have never expressed my insights on it since it’s guaranteed not to occur since the world revolves around challenges (challenges people face on the daily basis).

My idea of a Utopian world is not far of from the world we live in today. I imagine a world where pain and suffering would be abolished. To wake up every morning and not worry about meaningless things such as bills, problems, money and all materialistic things. To wake up and take in the fresh air, to close your eyes and be thankful for another glorious day, to enjoy life and what it has to offer.

In my opinion, pain is an emotion that triggers your mind, heart and soul to break down and have a melt down whether it is a small or drastic melt down. In my world, this would not exist. Pain is categorized in many different levels: emotional, mental and physical. Pain can be shown by tears in someone’s eyes, the decision to self harm because of a particular pain one is experiencing, the loss of a loved one, and the list goes on and on. My Utopian world will abolish the idea of “pain,” pain in my world shows a level of defeat, the citizens of my Utopian world shall always rise no matter what obstacles they will face, what problems that my occur. By abolishing pain, it gives us all the mental, physical and emotional strength to strive and come up with solutions to move on and be strong.

With pain comes suffering. I personally believe being a witness or a victim of suffering can really deteriorate one’s life, heart and soul. Suffering is losing hope and I feel that is the worst feeling to have; knowing that there is no solution to end the suffering. In my Utopian world, there shall ALWAYS be a solution. No one shall suffer in any way, whether it is the struggle to make ends meet, a health problem and other predicaments where we experience pain and find no solution, we suffer.

My Utopian world doesn’t consist of materialistic things or live in a world that is considered “perfect.” But take a second and imagine, with the current world we live in today, imagine waking up one day and not have the slightest pain to worry about. Imagine you can live a day without you or the entire world suffering. Didn’t you notice how fresh the air really is? Now imagine, a world like this. A world without pain and suffering. People can work minimum wage, others are becoming rich by the second but at the very end everyone is doing well, not worries about money, any level of pain and suffering? A peaceful world you can say.

This is my idea of a Utopian world. Yes, there isn’t much of a difference in today’s world, but if you subtract pain and suffering from the original equation, we shall all become a powerful, strong, driven world where we all can live in peace.

Imagine it.

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