If I could have my own specific Utopia I imagine that the buildings and cities would all have a nice and vibrant feeling to it.  There would be no dirty or broken down buildings and the city would be clean. The different cities have different feelings to it and diversity in the buildings, culture and food. I’m pretty sure this is contradictory as everyone and everything is supposed to be equal, but I think that it shouldn’t mean making everything (especially building structures) exactly the same. Everyone is equal but there can be different variations in the feel of the cities that the people live in. This is due to the fact that everyone can be creative and the different architects that build the different cities do have different views and visions on what they want the building to look like. That the chefs in each city can make different types of food from a different city, due to having different ideas. Everyone is encouraged to think outside the box and create something that all of society can enjoy. Anyone can go anywhere to enjoy and experience the variation in the different cities, and no one is denied the right to explore the other cities. So even though there is variation, everyone is still equal because everyone can experience what each and every city has to offer.

Technology has expanded rapidly, and people use all the different types of technology on a daily basis. However, unlike in the story “The Machine Stops” people have not isolated themselves due to it. Everyone knows the consequences of becoming too dependent on technology because everyone is wise and educated. Everyone knows the consequences corruption and crime could have on the city and everyone works together as equals for the well being of the city. Being creative is encouraged as this allows for more innovation and progress for the city and its people. The people aren’t oppressed and the society works as a whole, allowing for easy communication with anyone.

Since everyone is equal no one is denied the right to education, they could be what they want, and being financially stable is experienced by everyone . Crime is non existent, and people can go anywhere at anytime without fear of other humans like in the world today. People are open to each other and know each others boundaries. There are no hidden agendas in the reasons of why people do things. Yes, everyone has their own boundaries and secrets, but there is no ill intent in their reasoning. Work hours are reasonable and everyone has a break in the middle of the day so that when they get back to work they can be just as energized as they were in the morning. No ones expenses go over the amount they make and no one has to worry about things like money or rent. This results in everyone being able to try anything they want and go anywhere they want. This is my view on Utopia even though I’m positive there are contradictory elements to it.

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