Class Note 10/29 (Tony)

Class note for following weeks

11/5——- Derrick                                                  12/3——-Rene

11/12 —–Samson                                                 12/10——Lian

11/19——Ray                                                         12/17——Ivan


Due Next Week 11/5:    Final Project Proposal From Each Group

Class Work: Free Writing #1

mid-semester reflection:

  • reflect on first half of course (discussions, class works, assignments)
  • what have you learned/enjoyed?
  • what are you still struggle with?


  • Instruction/manual- looking at how its made
  • memos/letter- helpful for professional work
  • active/passive voice- awareness of tone, credibility
  • summarizing
  • blogging- public writing, see other’s writing
  • reverse outline
  • reflection letter- practical and useful
  • career material- research, find out field and prospective jobs

looking forward:

  • what would you like to pursue (issues, projects, research) for your final project?

Free Writing #2

  • Final Project Ideas

Free Writing #3

  • Collaboration

Final Collaborative Project Groups:

1. Enrique, Ivan, Iurii                2. Lian, Derrick, Chris, Deniel              3. Jason, Ray, Vince

4. Ogulcan, Rosa, Calvin              5. Samson, Goutam, Tony

Final Project

  • 50% of final grade
  • grade is collaborative
  • every group submit one proposal for approval
  • groups are encourage to meet outside of class–synchronous/asynchronous meeting, transparency, accountability
  • keep track of progress/minutes/report
  • research, annotated bibliography
  •  infographic
  • each group will have conference with Prof. Belli
  • peer review
  • presentation
  • final report
  • individual reflection


  • communication
  • schedule
  • consencus