A Summary of “The Flight from Conversation” by Jason

“The Flight from Conversation” is an article written by Sherry Turkle for The New York Times, focusing primarily on the willing sacrifice of conversation (personal, face to face interaction and relationships) for online, technological connections.  The author argues in favor of conversation, stating that it’s more personal and intimate.  Isolating yourself to online connection leads to many consequences, according to the author.  Such consequences include reduced interpersonal skills, reduced patience, and lack of self-reflection skills (being unable to express yourself appropriately).  Furthermore, the author states that living in these online worlds leads to delusional relationships, loss of faith in others, weakened personalities, and greater loneliness.  She cites a powerful example to support her claim about delusional relationships: “One of the most haunting experiences during my research came when I brought one of these robots, designed in the shape of a baby seal, to an elder-care facility, and an older woman began to talk to it about the loss of her child” (Paragraph 12).  Turkle believes these devices and new trends are changing people for the worse.  To avoid this, she suggests that people limit the use of their electronic devices and online connection, while continuing to seek out face to face conversation.

Turkle, Sherry. “The Flight From Conversation.” The New York Times 21 Apr. 2012