Professor Joshua Belknap | Co Req ML | Fall 2023

12/18/23: Last ENG 1101ML D100 class meeting, presentations, end of Five Demands documentary

Hello all,

I can’t believe it, but our class is winding up tomorrow. Your Unit 3 Writing in a New Genre project is due. Reach out to me if you need an extension to finish it. I will provide feedback and share your grade with you each individually– as well as your final grades for the course– via email.

A few students are going to present on their research projects tomorrow (Fairlay, Dave, Akobir… ). Remember, if you present to the class on your Unit 3 project, even informally, you will receive extra credit.

Also, we will finish watching the Five Demands documentary tomorrow. See you then! I will miss this class; you are a wonderful collection of thinkers and writers.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Fairlay

    I Sent you an email for my artist statement and project link.

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