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11/20/23: Audience, genre, plan for Unit 3 project

Throughout the semester, we’ve seen people talking about (for example) education in a variety of different genres. In each of these instances, the author is trying to reach a different audience and they pick the genre that will best speak to that audience. Think about James Baldwin’s speech, McMillan’s essay, or Jamila Lyiscott’s poem. These are all very different genres.  Why might one write in any of these genres? Who do these genres reach?  

In this unit, (most of) you will be writing about the topic you researched in Unit 2 for an audience of your choosing– so now it’s time to think about what genre you think will best reach your audience!

WRITE:  You will need to write a proposal of at least 200 words outlining what you plan to do for Unit 3. Post on the class OpenLab site. This proposal should tell us: 

  • A 1-2 sentence statement of what you want to teach your audience (the most important thing you learned in Unit 2, or from your research for this unit) 
  • The audience you are trying to reach
  • The genre you are planning to write in and why you chose it
  • A plan — how do you intend to get started?
  • Anything you might be worried about.  What are your concerns about finishing this project? 


  1. Fairlay

    My topic is “How the media and the sports world are biased against Palestine”. My audience is my classmates and the thing that i want to teach my audience is to not believe everything they see on the news or on social media because the media will always spread the narrative that they want to spread and most of the time that narrative is not true. The genre i plan to write this in is a presentation. A presentation is the best option to spread my message because it would be easier to show proof of the media’s bias against Palestine. I also think a presentation is great because my audience would have a better understanding of my message. Slideshow presentations are very easy to understand. I plan on getting started by explaining all my sources and my reasoning for choosing them. After that, i plan on starting my slideshow.  I do not have any concerns about finishing this project, And i am also not worried about not finishing this project. I am very confident that i can get this project done because i really care about this topic and i think it is very important for others to know about the media’s bias against Palestine. 

  2. Jguarango21

    I would like to educate my audience about the problems associated with open gun laws and how they impact not only the U.S. but also the surrounding countries. Many are unaware of the existence of cartels and the violence they perpetrate using American guns. I want to inform the audience that there is not only a war in Europe but also in South America, which has always been overshadowed by first-world countries.

    My target audience includes not only my classmates and my professor but also students in the CUNY system. Additionally, what about politicians or federal agents who can combat this crisis and halt the flow of illegal substances? It would be a great idea to reach out to Mexican and U.S. ministries to devise a plan to restore public safety.

    Initially, I planned to create a PowerPoint presentation, but I have since considered a different approach—building a website. While I initially thought of building it on my own using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I realized I am not proficient in these languages, and learning them in a short time with finals approaching is challenging. Therefore, I might opt for a website that assists in building websites. Constructing a website seems more appealing as users can customize it to their preferences and access information of interest. It is more complex than slides but offers a more engaging experience.

    By searching for a website that can help me create this project and starting during the holiday break, I can focus on my upcoming finals. The only concern I have is not finishing the project on time and not being able to create what I envision to satisfy both my audience and myself. Other than that, all my information seems to be in order.

  3. Rojina

    • A 1-2 sentence statement of what you want to teach your audience (the most important thing you learned in Unit 2, or from your research for this unit)  Teens who text a lot may suffer from psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, insecurity, and low self-esteem, and physical disorders such as “frequent texting.”
    • The audience you are trying to reach first parents because they raise children on technology. Then teenager who think that without phone they could not complete their live with out knowing the side effect . And my classmate for their future rising children on teen who affect from texting to know the side effect.
    • The genre you are planning to write in and why you chose it I will make a proposal research for all information that I learn from effecting of texting on teens .
    • A plan — how do you intend to get started? I will be starting by giving my research the main point then explaining each point .
    • Anything you might be worried about. What are your concerns about finishing this project? 

    I worried that my idea will not to reach the intended audience may not be important. Also to did not give information that not make people board about my research.

  4. Anja Rrasa

    For my Unit 3 project, I want to teach people about how tough experiences in childhood can stay with us and affect our mental health as adults. It is good to understand this so we can provide better help, especially at an early time. I’m trying to reach mental health professionals, and anyone who cares about supporting people who have been through tough times as kids. I’ll be writing an essay for this project because it helps me organize my thoughts and share information in a way that everyone can understand. To start, I’ll read a lot of studies and articles about childhood trauma and how does it affect adults to build a strong basis for my essay. I plan to use clear language and real-life examples to make the information accessible to a larger audience. What I’m worried about is finding the right balance between being caring and staying professional. Talking about tough childhood experiences is emotional, but I want my project to be helpful and respectful. Reaching that balance is something I need to be mindful of throughout my writing. 

  5. MD Azizur

    My final project, titled “Evaluating Bangladesh’s Economic Transformation: A Comprehensive Study of Development Trends and Challenges Over the Past Five Years,” represents a meticulous exploration into the multifaceted landscape of Bangladesh’s evolving economy. This research is a natural extension of my Unit 2 project, where I spotlighted the indispensable role of the Ready Made Garments (RMG) industry, contributing a staggering 85% to the country’s GDP and playing a pivotal role in economic empowerment.

    Going beyond the confines of the RMG sector, my investigation encompasses a broad spectrum of sectors, including Technology, Leather Exports, Agriculture, and other Prospective Industries. The primary objective is to unravel their collective impact on countrywide development and modernization throughout the last five years. The genre of my project aligns with academic and research writing, bridging disciplines such as economics, international relations, and business studies.

    Choosing the blog format for my project is a strategic decision aimed at reaching a diverse global audience. This format not only caters to individuals already acquainted with Bangladesh’s economic intricacies but also serves as an accessible platform for those unfamiliar with the ongoing processes in the country. Through this project, I aspire to disseminate information widely, transcending geographical boundaries and engaging a broad spectrum of readers.

    Beyond the academic context, my motivation for this project is deeply rooted in the desire to represent my country on the global economic stage. By showcasing Bangladesh’s economic progress, I aim to highlight its significance in the international arena. Moreover, this project serves as an exemplar of how a relatively small country can make substantial strides in development and modernization over a relatively short period. Through comprehensive analysis and engaging storytelling, I intend to convey a message of progress, resilience, and the transformative power of strategic economic initiatives.

  6. Fernando Fernandez

    I want parents to know that gaming not only has negative effects on their kids but positives too. I want to get their attention by showing experiments on studies of how different kids act and develop when they play too much video games. Social experiment, responses from the kids and information from school and real studies. I chose this genre because I want to investigate further on how it affects them and how they grow and how smart they are in particular things. I want to start just looking at information and information in different sites because I see in google that it doesn’t have an effect. and the research i made in unit 2 states there aren’t real classifications on the effects of it and no meaningful links between video gaming and kids, and i want to find a demonstration of the effects by real experiments with kids. 

  7. Dave Desrivieres

    I want to convince and inform my audience about how gun violence has impacted young people in New York City for my unit 3 projects. As an observer, I would prefer to see more thought given to the next generation and those that surround them. particularly at the field where every incident takes place. For instance, many people are ignorant of the existence of groups and the crimes they commit with the younger generations using firearms. I want the audience to be aware that, despite the fact that these crimes are not effectively solved, there is still a better method to aid those younger people by improving their infrastructure and education so they can leave the streets. I’ll be making graphical “posters” as part of this project to help individuals feel less alone by letting them see and hear about other people’s experiences. Then, this will assist me in organizing my ideas and communicating thoughts in a manner that is clear to all. Finally, I can locate two sources in my unit, two sources that will assist me with this project so that I may concentrate on my upcoming end of the projects. The most worrying thing about me is that I don’t think I can convince strangers who haven’t been impacted by gun violence.  and other people’s perspectives on this tale change…

  8. Jimin Yoon

    My topic is “Medicine that are addictive and could kill you” I want to reach the audience that we have to know some medicines that we use when we are sick can be dangerous, and sometimes even the doctors can assign you a medicine that is bad for us, and we always have to know how does it work, and know the description. The audience I’m trying to reach is my classmates some of them might not know, and some of them might know. However, even if they know I think it’s a great chance to explain it to them, and maybe give them more information about it. The genre I chose is informative I want to give them information and explain that these medicines are dangerous, and could ruin someone’s life. I plan to get some examples of medicines that people used and their lives fell apart. For example, I will give an example of opioids, explain to them, and show them that this killed lots of people and ruined their lives. I’m worried that this might not persuade them, and they might think it’s unimportant. 

  9. marylin

    Regarding this project, I would like to inform my audience regarding the phone usage affecting us mentally, along with anything that involves any negative or positive outcomes that can occur based on the things we use on a daily basis and one of the main ones being technology, more on focusing on its consequences. I wanted to include as well as adding on the importance of relevant evidence/facts that connects towards my topic. The audience I want to attract is pretty much anybody in general, anyone can view it besides there is no any age requirement for it. One of the genres I’ve planned on deciding is either a website or a text/textbook article format or anything with visuals that captures the audience’s attention in hopes of making the audience curious about it. I’ve come up with a plan of writing a draft of my topic chosen along with finding sources of evidence and information (especially hearing from others perspectives). One of my concerns is currently choosing the best genre format for my main audience. I want to make this project succeed with my specific goals that I’ve planned and make sure it all makes sense and clear with everything.

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