Professor Joshua Belknap | Co Req ML | Fall 2023

Homework for 10/30/23:

On the Perusall class site, read 10 pages of the Laurie McMillan essay (“What is the Rhetorical Situation and Why Should I Care”) and choose six (6) of the “Connect” questions in the margins of the article, and note which page number the question is on.

And as usual, post at least three (3) comments or questions on the article on Perusall, and reply to at least three (3) posts of your classmates. 

Also, to work on Present perfect verb tense: Listen to “How Schools and Students Have Changed After 2 Years of the Pandemic” an NPR report from last year, and underline every instance of the present perfect verb tense from the transcript of the broadcast I will hand out. Then, write one sentence using each of the vocabulary words below, and post here in the comment section. 

How the Pandemic Has
Changed Education: Vocabulary

Humanitarian crisis
Dropout rate
Educational attainment
Mental health

Write one sentence for each word.


  1. Jguarango21

    The tired students made us halt our morning walk and made us seek a cozy spot to rest.

    Trying new hobbies can help with brightening up a student’s routine and improve their overall well-being.

    The performance of this play is comparable to that of its previous showing.

    The school faced a significant challenge due to a shortage of available textbooks. It had a humanitarian crisis.

    Even though there were clues, the scavenge hunt led the students in circles, confusing the eager participants and predictions were wrong.

    It’s importantly to encourage students who are often overlooked in the classroom and marginalize the bad.

    The number of students participating in the school club has a high percentage in dropping out.

    The impact of the recent changes on student morale has been significant and caused a toll.

    The interpretations of the poem are still being discussed by the literature enthusiasts and thus includes implications.

    Teachers play a crucial role in shaping the futures of their students it’s their responsabilites.

    Many students excelled in the advanced literature class this semester and thus created a education attainment.

    Gaining a good education is often seen as good mental health.

    The school have programs in place to support students’ emotional well-being.

    Effective communication are crucial for generating innovative ideas within a student body.

    When students in STEM majors decide to take theory far past they can inovate and create new solutions.

    The discovery of new, engaging teaching methods serves as a catalyst for change in the educational environment.

  2. Fairlay

    Because of the covid outbreak, The NBA was forced to halt their season.

    John has different daily routines depending on wether or not he has school.

    Tennis and Ping Pong are very comparable sports. 

    Due to the outgoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, people were forced to leave Ukraine to go a safer country.

    There was has been multiple different predictions that flying cars will be a regular thing by 2040.

    People who are apart of the of the LGBTQ  are still being marginalized in certain countries.  

    The dropout rate at Harvard is 4% while the while the average college dropout rate is 24.1%.

    The multiple injuries that Kawhi Leonard suffered throughout his career has taken a toll on his health. 

    There has been implications that the 2034 World Cup could happen in Saudi Arabia.

    Joe Biden has different responsibilities.

    The enrollment at City Tech is very high.

    My educational attainment so far is – high school diploma.

    Mental health is a very serious issue that deserves more attention.

    Nikola Jokic’s triple double on NBA opening night was very crucial in the Nuggets victory over the Lakers.

    Compared to 50 years ago, there has been many different innovations in the world like cell phones, electric cars, internet, etc…

    Jordan Larsson penalty kick miss was catalyst for Manchester United winning the game. 

  3. Anja Rrasa

    The red stop sign makes cars halt at the intersection.

    I follow a morning routine, which includes brushing my teeth.

    My bag is comparable to my friend’s because they look alike.

    During a humanitarian crisis, people need help because they are in trouble.

    The weather predictions say it will rain tomorrow.

    Marginalized people often don’t get the same chances as others.

    The dropout rate in our school has gone down thanks to better support.

    Working long hours can take a toll on your health.

    The implications of the new rule are not yet clear.

    Household responsibilities include cleaning and doing the dishes.

    Enrollment in our school has increased this year.

    Your educational attainment depends on how well you do in school.

    Taking care of your mental health is essential for well-being.

    Wearing a seatbelt is crucial for your safety in the car.

    Innovation in technology has brought us amazing gadgets.

    A small spark can be a catalyst for a big change.

  4. Jimin Yoon


    The car came to a halt and then started to roll forward.

    Her routine in the morning is waking up at 6:00 a.m., and going to the gym.

    A football player from Division II is not comparable to Messi or Ronaldo.

    The humanitarian crisis of the tsunami is not over yet.

    The prediction for the game tomorrow is 1:0.

    All community participants were from economically marginalized sections of society.

    The dropout rate in college is higher than in high school or middle school.

    The toll or message rates are $3, with id.

    Their implications were clear enough to the hearers to whom they were addressed.

    Their responsibility was to do the homework before midnight.

    A very important purchase decision is the Medicaid enrollment of the number.

    A typical key outcome would be to improve levels of educational attainment.

    No one in the class knew mental health was related to their health.

    Ronaldo was a crucial player in Real Madrid, but he got sold.

    The rate of innovation is increasing rapidly, though.

    War is the most powerful catalyst in technical developments.

  5. marylin

    There was a special event happening until the organizers had to halt the event due to today’s weather.

    There are many different routines everyone follows.

    In other websites you’ll find products with comparable prices.

    Till this current moment there are varieties of humanitarian crisis occurring. 

    There are different variety of predictions that might be accurate.

    Society is being Marginalized till this current time.

    Few years ago our high schools dropout rate has increased overtime.

    It their toll to keep workers on track.

    Becoming an adult has its implications as they’ll experience being more independent and more mature.

    Being a parent takes in lot of responsibilities to maintain through.

    The students looking for enrollment can apply online.

    For majority of students it can be challenging to obtain an educational attainment.

    Stress can have a big impact on your overall physical and mental health.

    It’s very crucial to understand within your decision you’re making.

    As a society, we have been wanting for innovation towards our future.

    A catalyst failed towards their task, later on produced to continue forwards. 

  6. Dave Desrivieres

    1. Tom pressed on the brakes and came to a screeching halt.
    2. It’s just your typical daily routines.
    3. The circumstances are in no way comparable.
    4. The Covid 19 was a global humanitarian crisis.
    5. The state emerges to handle these issues and manage crises.
    6. Her predictions appeared to be uncannily true.
    7. Until today, society has been marginalized.
    8. College dropout rates are extremely high in the United States. 
    9. The toll of bankruptcies was increasing on a daily basis.
    10. It is critical for understanding the implications of the choice you make.
    11. Their responsibility is to get educated.
    12. The employees are looking for enrollment tasks online.
    13. Having an educational achievement can be difficult for the majority of kids.
    14. There is a larger method that people could utilize to improve their mental health. 
    15. It is crucial that there is always a better way to resolve a situation without resorting to violence. 
    16. As a society, we have long desired change in the direction of the next generation.
    17. The catalysts failed to fulfill their duty but was later produced to go forward. 
  7. Fernando Fernandez

    Pandemic has halted the students going to classes.

    If you keep doing an everyday routine, that’s dedication.

    A comparable mouse from amazon won’t work as well as the apple for my macbook.

    Humanitarian crises are always happening in some countries and they need help for kids.

    Some of the predictions I make when betting never become real.

    I have been marginalized in school and highschool.

    The dropout rate in my college has risen this year.

    The toll for my everyday ride has risen.

    I have responsibilities at home as in my job.

    I can’t wait for the enrollment day for my classes.

    I want to achieve the highest Educational attainment in college.

    Your mental health is important, so take care of it.

    Having fun is crucial for kids

    Innovation in NYC is always getting better.

  8. xin chen

    i halt my piano classes during the pandemic.

    i love to list all my routines for the next day before i went to sleep.

    my savings and rich people’s are not comparable.

     natural disaster causes the growing of humanitarian crisis,

    i love to make predictions of my future life. 

    we need to give more cares to person whos being marginalized in the society.

    we need to try our best to decreases the dropout rate in high school.

    i pay all my own toll for living for my self after i graduated from high school.

    the bad weathers have a lot of implications for us to going out.

    as a parent, we nedd to take eesponsibilities to our kids.

    the government’s had sucessfully increase the enrollment in primary schools in order to providing more children with access to education.

    the educational attainment can help a person to view the world;

    we need to take teenager’s mental health seriously.

    to get the vaccineb is crucial

    Innovation on bussiness is very important on economy

    we use catalyst in lab to make the reaction happen quicker.

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