Interning for CocoaKawaii : The End

My Internship for CocoaKawaii has come to an end…

I’ve grown and learned alot from CocoaKawaii. Withnessing how she manages her brand, I’ve learned A L O T. And it is alot of details and work managing your own company and brand as an artist.


Unfornunately within my last few weeks working for CocoaKawaii, we hosted Patches&PinsExpoNYC in October. And with saddening news to type within this blog post, my dear boss, my supervisor and I can say my dear friend: Daijonee Vanderveer was struck by a car.

This is the article of my dear supervisor:,severed%20both%20of%20Vanderveer’s%20legs.

App Review: CamScanner


This is a third app I recommend for anyone to use. I was introduced to this app many years ago, maybe around 2012. This app has been out for a while, but I picked up to use the app a bit more this semester when submitting work. CamScanner, scans paper documents from your phone and can be converted into a pdf. And you have options to remove the shadows and lighten the image. The cool part about this app is that you can adjust the corners of what youre scanning (taking a photo of) to the corners of the document you just took a photo of, so on your phone, the photo will come up in a flat dimension, making the document straight on your phone instead of any weird tilts and warps to the image compared to taking a normal photo of a document on your phone.

My example was a quick photo, just to reveal the settings.

But with much more precision, you can get a much clearer and nicer image of your scanned document. I use this for when I need to upload stencils and sketches onto the computer. And take out photos of important documents.

App Review: PhotoRoom

Another app, I mentioned in my other blog post that I convert images to PNG’s, to easily put them within the app Canva in order to design with the image to have a transparent background.

I use the app Photoroom in order to do so. Photoroom makes quick editing much more easier. This app can make easy profile pictures, and can make product photography a breeze. BUT this is another app that had restrictions due to in app purchase. Without purchasing the app, the app will put a water mark of their logo ‘Photoroom’ on the very bottom right corner. The way I go around the watermark, is that I take the image and move it up and clear from the whole bottom from the water mark that’s automatically added onto the image. So once I save the image as a png, I can import it within Canva or whatever app, and crop the image. So the whole bottom of the image you can crop in order to take out the Photoroom water mark. I know you can use other programs such as adobe photoshop but with simple quick editing, this app and method makes it a much more easier and simple way, for me personally. Others may have various methods in order to resolve image background. but using Photoroom made it a much easy process for me.

Original Image:

Image preview

Photoroom Watermarked photo:

Image preview

Image preview

When you open the app, you have a few options and templates to use:

Image preview

Image preview

Importing my png to canva to cut the image and redesign using the image:

Image preview

Placing a mock background with Canva:

Image preview


So with using the app Photoroom, I used it to assist me along with Canva within making quick simple design work for last minute posts like promotions on social media, Product advertising and mockups.

App Review: Canva

For App review week, I wanted to review and speak about Canva. I was newly introduced to that app during the internship for GrassRootsGrocery where I was directed to use that app in order to design some digital prints for social media ads and promotion.

I do continue to use the app because it makes easy quick designs for promotion a breeze. I use this app for my current internship, introducing it to my supervisor. I typically design CocoaKawaii’s online promotions for her networking events.

On the app itself, has many templates to help get you started on social media ads, business cards, easy logos. I used it to easily put information together for social media promotions such as Instagram stories and posts. The do have the feature of looking up elements that you can use within your design and even upload photos onto the app. I typically convert images to pngs and then upload it into the app so the image would be a regular icon with no background, that can be used with other elements and top of other backgrounds of your choice. The amount of customization on how to use this app is endless. It does have its perks but also its cons, because without the pro, you are limited on which elements, fonts, etc of features within the app. Most apps are like that, you are open access to a limited amount of things you can do. But without the Pro access, you can still produce countless of designs, and import and direct your own images & design, and placement within the app.

Image previewImage previewImage preview

Internship Blog: Virtual Field Trip – Blue Exhibition

The Blue Exhibition, located At Nassau Museum.

Christopher Winter – the Huxley guide to Switzerland



the virtual experience compared to an experience in a normal museum is quite different but convenient. It doesn’t compare to going to a museum in real time and space to go up close and far from each piece. To experience and feel the art in itself. It’s nice seeing it virtual out of the convenience of my home but art feels at best when you see it in person. But to have the virtual experience, you get to see and hear about everything like a lesson and whole movie of the museum.






Internship Blog: Networking Event – Drip City Market

On November 14 I have attended the event drip city kicks and caps 2022 at resorts World casino.

Drip city market was hosting the event at resorts whole casino located in ozone Park Queens. The whole event was a sneaker convention focusing on buy, sell, trading sneakers clothing and accessories. The event had more than 200vendors.

the convention had A mixed atmosphere with different medias from sneakers to accessories different designers and creators. they had the celebrity Dave East, an artist attend this event. They hosted a lot of sneaker competitions and promotion for a lot of brands and companies such as monster Energy drink and Mamitas Ices.
The whole event had a lot of different culture. Street fashion and pop culture of its own.
mostly male audience attended this event. Most vendors at the event had the brands of Jordans and Nikes. Most of the audience of this event was for sneaker collectors and businesses. This event had a lot of familiar faces and brands. Because most of these conventions have its own set of culture for the vendors and the audience. Conventions has its own culture of its own which is pretty interesting and it’s a really unique community, Just as any other pop-culture community.

This Convention had its own pop-culture of his own compared to the other conventions that I am used to attending, but I had made friends with someone that has a similar niche as myself, her brand name is called the prancing pug.

The event was interesting, every niche has its own community and just to see how wide spread the sneaker community is, was a real unique site. Like boys being boys, was my thought. In reminded me of my times growing up in east New York, Brooklyn and being in school, and the biggest flex and trend is your fashion and brands. In my teens I moved to south ozone park queens, and within the high school culture, the trends and clique variate but sneakers trend has never changed. The freshest sneakers on your outfit was the flex. So coming back to current times, the sneaker culture is still alive and has such a large community of collectors and influencers.

Networking Event: Patches and Pins Expo NYC

On Halloween weekend of October 29, & October 30th, I’ve attended the networking event called Patches and Pins Expo NYC, hosted at Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. This event is a whole expo promotion Pin culture, street fashion, patches, etc.

Pins and Patch Expo

Patches & Pins Expo NEW YORK CITY Feat: Cap Con | Metropolitan pavillion, new york, NY | Sat October 29 to October 30

This event was full of various of business of various niches.

Within attending this event, I networked across many brands.

Some of the brands I’ve gotten in touch with was






Image preview