App Review: Canva

For App review week, I wanted to review and speak about Canva. I was newly introduced to that app during the internship for GrassRootsGrocery where I was directed to use that app in order to design some digital prints for social media ads and promotion.

I do continue to use the app because it makes easy quick designs for promotion a breeze. I use this app for my current internship, introducing it to my supervisor. I typically design CocoaKawaii’s online promotions for her networking events.

On the app itself, has many templates to help get you started on social media ads, business cards, easy logos. I used it to easily put information together for social media promotions such as Instagram stories and posts. The do have the feature of looking up elements that you can use within your design and even upload photos onto the app. I typically convert images to pngs and then upload it into the app so the image would be a regular icon with no background, that can be used with other elements and top of other backgrounds of your choice. The amount of customization on how to use this app is endless. It does have its perks but also its cons, because without the pro, you are limited on which elements, fonts, etc of features within the app. Most apps are like that, you are open access to a limited amount of things you can do. But without the Pro access, you can still produce countless of designs, and import and direct your own images & design, and placement within the app.

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