Internship Blog: Networking Event – Drip City Market

On November 14 I have attended the event drip city kicks and caps 2022 at resorts World casino.

Drip city market was hosting the event at resorts whole casino located in ozone Park Queens. The whole event was a sneaker convention focusing on buy, sell, trading sneakers clothing and accessories. The event had more than 200vendors.

the convention had A mixed atmosphere with different medias from sneakers to accessories different designers and creators. they had the celebrity Dave East, an artist attend this event. They hosted a lot of sneaker competitions and promotion for a lot of brands and companies such as monster Energy drink and Mamitas Ices.
The whole event had a lot of different culture. Street fashion and pop culture of its own.
mostly male audience attended this event. Most vendors at the event had the brands of Jordans and Nikes. Most of the audience of this event was for sneaker collectors and businesses. This event had a lot of familiar faces and brands. Because most of these conventions have its own set of culture for the vendors and the audience. Conventions has its own culture of its own which is pretty interesting and it’s a really unique community, Just as any other pop-culture community.

This Convention had its own pop-culture of his own compared to the other conventions that I am used to attending, but I had made friends with someone that has a similar niche as myself, her brand name is called the prancing pug.

The event was interesting, every niche has its own community and just to see how wide spread the sneaker community is, was a real unique site. Like boys being boys, was my thought. In reminded me of my times growing up in east New York, Brooklyn and being in school, and the biggest flex and trend is your fashion and brands. In my teens I moved to south ozone park queens, and within the high school culture, the trends and clique variate but sneakers trend has never changed. The freshest sneakers on your outfit was the flex. So coming back to current times, the sneaker culture is still alive and has such a large community of collectors and influencers.

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