Grading Breakdown:

Research, independent/ critical assessment, and presentation skills are an all-encompassing part of establishing a design solution. Therefore, grades will be determined as follows:

Process Books 25%
A chronological flow of thinking, research, notations, feedback, sketches, notes, writing, visual planning, and iteration. Must be placed in the book AND reviewed throughout the semester via online posts. 7-8 check-ins required, with a showcase of ample work in-between.  Failure to show process throughout the semester will results in “O” for that week’s check-in. 
Live lecture, Open Lab discussion boards, Calendly check-ins and HW related exercises to explore your research techniques, build your process book, and expand your category knowledge
Project 1 Rough Pitch / Midterm15%
Project 2 – Senior Project Research Paper20%
Research, writing, and why the topic is important/impactful.
Project 1 Final Concept Presentation30%

In the above grading model, Project #1 = 80% and Project #2 = 20%

Individual project evaluation breakdowns and part of the project posts.

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