Project 5 Slides

Credit to Professor Jake Wright

Problem: Create a tile pattern design based the colors, content, and context of a room from film, TV, or other mass media.

Materials: Sketchbook, pencils, inking pens, tracing paper, Adobe illustrator

Concepts: Sketching, drafting, research, concept development, color palettes, pattern/tile design

Grading Rubric

Each project will be graded using the Project Rubric. Complete each part of the design process, following the due dates provided in each class meeting agenda.

Design Process

  1. Discover: Hand Portraits & Value Scale
  2. Define: Journalistic style Self Portraits
  3. Develop: Media Transformations – Paint and Pixel
  4. Deliver: Post and Comment

1. Discover


  1. Choose your room and get approval. It can be real or fictional, live-action or animated, so long as it’s an interior (indoor) space.
  2. Get a high-quality, high-resolution reference image (1280 x 720 or larger). I recommend taking your own screenshot; some streaming services automatically block screenshots on computers, so it may be easier to take the screenshots on a smartphone. When you take your screenshots, make sure the play buttons and progress bar are hidden!
  3. *Optional* “Shop” for products or artworks from the real world with designs that would complement the room, saving a link for each product. For example, this tile has design elements that would complement the Millennium Falcon’s interior; this gun lamp by Phillipe Starck would fit into Harley Quinn’s living room.

2. Define

  • Sketch at least 5 ideas for a tile/pattern design. See here on how to make a seamless pattern with paper.
  • Ideas can be directly from the image or from the items you “shopped” for.
  • Color pick from the image. Colors do not have to be the most dominate colors. Final design must be 3-6 colors.

3. Develop

Choose your best concept and bring it into Adobe Illustrator. Vectorize your design.

Show your design in 3 different color palettes.

4. Deliver

Submitting in your work

Put together your chosen image, sketch, color palette, and final design on a 11×8.5 inch jpeg. *You can print this file for extra credit.*

Follow the How to Post Your Work guidelines and include the project-specific details below:

  • Post Title: Room Tile Patterns
  • Written Project Reflection: Document your thoughts about this project. Think about what you learned, what you could have done better (planning, material use, craft), and how you will apply what you learned to your next project. Consider and respond to the comments made in class during the critique.
  • Images: Organize your post to include all images from the three other Design Process phases for this project. (Discover, Define, Develop).
  • Category and Tags:
    • Category = Project #5 Posts
    • Tags = Deliver, Room Tile Patterns

Providing Feedback

Part of your Project grade is leaving well-written comments for your peer-critique partner and at least one other student. Follow the How to Comment and Critique guide for specific guidelines for leaving constructive feedback.

REMINDER: You will receive a grade and comments from the Professor on your posts and peer comments. Without your deliver post, you will not receive a grade.


  • Bring all parts of this project to class: Discover, Define, Develop.
  • When presenting your work, start with following: your name, the project title, the theme of the project, what you feel you did successfully, what you can improve on next time.
  • Your peers and the professor will provide supportive, constructive feedback.
  • You will have an opportunity to revise your work based on the feedback and improve your work and your grade.