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Project 5: Room Tile Pattern

Project 5 Slides

Credit to Professor Jake Wright

Problem: Create a tile pattern design based the colors, content, and context of a room from film, TV, or other mass media.

Materials: Sketchbook, pencils, inking pens, tracing paper, Adobe illustrator

Concepts: Read More

Project 3: Value Portraits

Project Overview – Slides PDF

Theme: Experiment with lighting and shapes

Problem: Create black and white portraits that convey a mood or feeling using the rule of thirds, stable figure ground and a clear focal point.

Limits: Use a … Read More

Project 2: Curious Compositions

Project Overview – Slides PDF

Theme: Discover, define, and visualize what drives your curiosity while learning about the basic principles of composition to improve your design practice.

Problem: Create four figure-ground compositions (2 ambiguous, 2 stable) using simple black … Read More

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