Concept Doc

Working title: Inside The Storm

Concept statement: A cross between Mario and Vector. Jump, Slide, and Run your way out of a corrupt system.

Genre(s): Platform, action, and narrative.

Target Audience: Ages 12 and up.

Unique Selling Points: Do you like Mario? Do you like Parkour? Then this is the game for you.

Player Experience and Game POV: You play as Eduardo: a South American man born and raised in oppressive regime in Argentina. The year is 1976, and you a have regime to overthrow.

Visual and Audio Style: Drawing inspiration from the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles series for visual design and audio style.

Game World Fiction: You must fight to liberate your nation from oppression.

Monetization: Cosmetics; players will the option to purchase different costumes for the player.

Platform(s), Technology, and Scope(briefly): Consoles, and PC. 2D design and made with Unity. 15 to 18 months to make. 10-12 hours to complete. Major risk includes, players not being interested in platformers anymore.

Core Loops: Not sure yet.

Objectives and Progression: Player moves by analog if on console or by WASD if on PC.

Game Systems: Leveling system, weapons system, and points system.

Interactivity: As the player interacts with the environment , whether it is with a character, a weapon, or even a platform, it is done to keep the player invested in the dynamics and mechanics of the game.