This OpenLab site will serve as a place to submit weekly writing assignments during the “Design” portion of the course, including detailed responses to both games and readings. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Since you’ll need to use the platform for this semester at least, please familiarize yourself with posting new entries & comments. (This is all WordPress, anyway, which isn’t going anywhere, and is useful to know how to use.)

Here are some instructions for your first post:

First, pick at least one game that you’re currently playing – or, if you’ve been unable to play anything recently due to COVID, you can share a historical favorite instead. Dig up its full title and a link about it (YouTube is probably easiest for this).

Next, create a new blog post about this game, by hitting the “+” sign in the top nav, and scrolling down to Post. Call it “[Name of Game]” – Review. Then in the body of your post, write a short review of the game & tell us what is so compelling about the story or innovative about the game play. Basically, what keeps you engaged?

Then scroll down & add a “feature image” for the game.

When you’re done, you’re going to select “Game Journal” from the category widget & your name, then publish.

You’ll use the same process for reading responses, but you’ll select “Reading Response” & your name before publishing.”

Please feel free to reach out on Slack (or by commenting right here) with any questions about OpenLab, or any other aspect of the class!