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Registration for Spaces and Places: Art on the Brooklyn Waterfront is now Open!


Registration for the BWRC’s 2015 Conference on Spaces and Places: Art Along the Brooklyn Waterfront on March 27, 2015 from 8:30am to 12:30pm at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall is now open. The conference will tell an interesting and important story about how and where art is made, displayed and sold along the Brooklyn Waterfront. Commissioner Tom Finkelpearl of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs will be the Keynote Speaker.
Eventbrite - Spaces & Places: Art Along the Brooklyn Waterfront Conference


Assessment Workshop, CUNY

Please see the attached flier about a conference on assessment at John Jay on March 6th (yes short notice). One of the presenters was an Associate Fellow three years ago and is doing great work with our faculty and students.

assessment at john jay d smith 030615

In addition to the conference you can find her work on the Faculty Commons website or the OpenLab page:

01/30/15 What Small Act Could Inspire General Education in my Classroom?

Living Lab 01302015

What small act could inspire general education in my classroom? 

  • General Biology I & II: Night tour/ behind-the- scene/ tour of the American Museum of Natural History- Mercer Brugler
  • Arch Tech. bring out students together with community leaders. -Duddy
  • Fieldtrips- Place Based Learning-Treasure Hunts for various items of observations-Claire HM
  • Listen
  • Encourage Students to think independently
  • Learning from students
  • Take them out into the community.
  • Help them become aware of community events.
  • Have a conversation!
  • Allow students input and choice
  • Explaining more why we do what we do in class!
  • Mentorship creates lifelong connections.
  • Applying course material to ‘real world’ problems. -AA

Welcome Spring 2015 Associate Fellows

Welcome Associate Fellows and Fellows!  We will be using this site as a central location to collaborate, share our work, and build community during the Spring 2015 semester.  This site was initiated by our previous group of Associate Fellows, and if you peek around you will see some of their work.  Please make yourselves at home – feel free to create new posts (if you have something you want to share, or a question to ask, or a resource to point out, etc.), start new discussion threads (in the Project Profile area, linked in the menu above), ask questions, or find other ways to contribute.  Don’t forget to join the site (also found in the Project Profile area – you must be logged in to the OpenLab to see this option).

We’ll be posting additional information, including a syllabus for the Spring semester, in January.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!

Jonas Reitz
Project Director, “A Living Laboratory”

TED Talk,

Here is the link to the TED Talk assigned for the final workshop on April 25 in N119, the link on the syllabus seems to have an error in it:

Another TED Talk of interest:

Conference Opportunity

Hi everyone,

I wanted to pass along the following conference information – many thanks to Pa Her for sending it to me!  This could be a great opportunity for an individual or group presentation – the theme is right up your alley.  Heads up: The proposal submission deadline is April 11th (abstract only).

2015 HETL – SoTE Utah Conference (link)

Theme: Reaching the Summit: Explorations in Meaningful Learning through Community Engagement

Aim: To examine the impacts of community engagement on learning environments in higher education


Friday at the Brooklyn Navy Yard: places, methods, questions

Last Friday’s visit to learning experience at the Brooklyn Navy Yard really generated some interesting observations and discussion. I hope everyone came away with more questions than answers. Some of the questions I left with I’ll offer to you, so feel free to respond in the comments!

What places will your students learn about? What questions will they ask before the experiential or place-based activity? What will they ask during and after the activity? What methods will they use to address those questions, and what data or information will they uncover? How will they document and reflect on their learning experiences?

Please contribute your place-based activities and assignments to the place-based learning toolkit (membership is open to all!) and document, assess, and reflect on these activities with the activity template.



What Makes Me Curious?

Life itself makes me curious. There are so many interesting things around us, and beautiful existences everywhere I look. Everything and everyone has a value, although it may not be apparent, acceptable, or even explainable at the time. I am always asking, “If…, then…, so what…?” Is there only one way to see things, do things, affect things, have results? To me, not necessarily so. I look at the world as fascinating. I use all of my senses to take in details. With students, I ask for them to look at the world through different lenses, using different senses, asking questions, taking a step back, and being bold in being anything but ordinary. I use games in the classroom, case studies, scenarios, question and answer sessions, stories, narratives, and images to evoke immediate responses and carefully constructed plans of action. As future and current nurses, students need to learn and then demonstrate an understanding that people learn in different ways, for different reasons. Students need to act as detectives to engage in accurate and effective assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation. We have to ask and be unafraid to ask why things are the way they are, or we will take too long, if ever, to find the answer to, “Why not?”  Life is a great and wonderful journey; being curious is the fuel that keeps the journey viable and rewarding.