01/30/15 What Small Act Could Inspire General Education in my Classroom?

Living Lab 01302015

What small act could inspire general education in my classroom? 

  • General Biology I & II: Night tour/ behind-the- scene/ tour of the American Museum of Natural History- Mercer Brugler
  • Arch Tech. bring out students together with community leaders. -Duddy
  • Fieldtrips- Place Based Learning-Treasure Hunts for various items of observations-Claire HM
  • Listen
  • Encourage Students to think independently
  • Learning from students
  • Take them out into the community.
  • Help them become aware of community events.
  • Have a conversation!
  • Allow students input and choice
  • Explaining more why we do what we do in class!
  • Mentorship creates lifelong connections.
  • Applying course material to ‘real world’ problems. -AA