Welcome Spring 2015 Associate Fellows

Welcome Associate Fellows and Fellows!  We will be using this site as a central location to collaborate, share our work, and build community during the Spring 2015 semester.  This site was initiated by our previous group of Associate Fellows, and if you peek around you will see some of their work.  Please make yourselves at home – feel free to create new posts (if you have something you want to share, or a question to ask, or a resource to point out, etc.), start new discussion threads (in the Project Profile area, linked in the menu above), ask questions, or find other ways to contribute.  Don’t forget to join the site (also found in the Project Profile area – you must be logged in to the OpenLab to see this option).

We’ll be posting additional information, including a syllabus for the Spring semester, in January.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!

Jonas Reitz
Project Director, “A Living Laboratory”