What Makes Me Curious?

Life itself makes me curious. There are so many interesting things around us, and beautiful existences everywhere I look. Everything and everyone has a value, although it may not be apparent, acceptable, or even explainable at the time. I am always asking, “If…, then…, so what…?” Is there only one way to see things, do things, affect things, have results? To me, not necessarily so. I look at the world as fascinating. I use all of my senses to take in details. With students, I ask for them to look at the world through different lenses, using different senses, asking questions, taking a step back, and being bold in being anything but ordinary. I use games in the classroom, case studies, scenarios, question and answer sessions, stories, narratives, and images to evoke immediate responses and carefully constructed plans of action. As future and current nurses, students need to learn and then demonstrate an understanding that people learn in different ways, for different reasons. Students need to act as detectives to engage in accurate and effective assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation. We have to ask and be unafraid to ask why things are the way they are, or we will take too long, if ever, to find the answer to, “Why not?”  Life is a great and wonderful journey; being curious is the fuel that keeps the journey viable and rewarding.