A Technoparade initially started in 1998 in German, and this event grew to happen in its neighbor country, France. In the capital of France, Paris. This event continues to happen every year in September and is gathering moreĀ attention year by year.


TechnoparadeĀ  is an event that Ā assembly Ā artists from all over the world to share the collective culture, music, new ideas and fun. Technoparade is a German word for parade of vehicles equipped with strong loud specks and amplifiers playing techno music.

The techno parade in Paris (philippe leroyer)

It is almost like carnival parade, where the vehicles will be decorated and these vehicles might take you for a ride. Many attendance dress up with their own theme to cherish this event. It is a fun, enjoyable out door party.

This year, the techno parade will happen in September 14 and in the same city, paris.

Looking for a journey for inspirations? Ā If you considering traveling aboard, I suggest to spending a week in Paris at the time of year will be a great choice. You never know who can spark an idea in your head with their presence and who you might inspire. I personally think it is a great opportunity to expose to more diverse culture and made connections internationally.

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