A Technoparade initially started in 1998 in German, and this event grew to happen in its neighbor country, France. In the capital of France, Paris. This event continues to happen every year in September and is gathering more attention year by year.


Technoparade  is an event that  assembly  artists from all over the world to share the collective culture, music, new ideas and fun. Technoparade is a German word for parade of vehicles equipped with strong loud specks and amplifiers playing techno music.

The techno parade in Paris (philippe leroyer)

It is almost like carnival parade, where the vehicles will be decorated and these vehicles might take you for a ride. Many attendance dress up with their own theme to cherish this event. It is a fun, enjoyable out door party.

This year, the techno parade will happen in September 14 and in the same city, paris.

Looking for a journey for inspirations?  If you considering traveling aboard, I suggest to spending a week in Paris at the time of year will be a great choice. You never know who can spark an idea in your head with their presence and who you might inspire. I personally think it is a great opportunity to expose to more diverse culture and made connections internationally.

To learn more about this event. It is a French site,  therefore, click on the English navigation bar  view site in English.


Do these images remind you Monet’s work?(my previous post of Meet Monet at Giverny, Monet’s work.) Absolutely for me. Landscape oil painting of water lily pond in bright day. Sky blue, pink,  and all the tin spring colors you can recall. he is the French painter who rejects the traditional approach to landscape painting and influenced impression art, Monet. (my previous post of Meet Monet at Giverny,  who is Monet.)

Images from Hip Paris Blog

He loves to paint oil landscape of his own garden in Giverny. Monet lived in Giverny for forty three years, from 1883 till his death in 1926. He design the house with his own ascetic taste to meet his needs of his family and professional life. He had a large house where he can have a studio of his own. However, he usually paint in the open air, and store the canvases in the studio. An attend to his home is like an visit of museum of his past.

What can possibility be a better experience in Paris with a wonderland of Monet. A summer afternoon to spend in Giverny with nostalgia of Monet’s past in present. I almost feel that visiting his garden in Giverny is like a 3D show in his art. If you are a fan of his art, what could be more precise than experiencing the same element of what the master had seen.

Monet’s Garden  is located in a village along the Seine about 46 miles to the west of Paris.  Today it is the main attraction for tourist to visit Giverny. Sounds like an option for this summer?


When Monet traveled to Paris to visit The Louvre to study from old masters. He witnessed painters copying from existing paintings. Monet rather use his tools and paint what he saw by the window. (Found out who is Monet from my previous post of the Meet Monet at Givreny series.)

Water Lilies - Claude Oscar Monet - www.claudemonetgallery.org

Monet like to liberally experiment with technique to use on larger canvases than rely less on constantly checking a motif. His unique technique started the impressionism art, the bold stroke with high contrast colors. When I look at a paiting in close, each stroke almost makes me feels like they are unfinished, unpolished or very casual brush strokes; however, it makes up a full image when you view from a distance. Monet went against the traditional painting methods, and developed is own unique personal style. Which become a most recognizable and famous work.

Water Lilies  Evening Effect - Claude Oscar Monet - www.claudemonetgallery.org

Today his work can be find in well known museums such as MoMa, and Metropolitan Museum.

Experiencing more variety style of art can inspire you in an alternative way. Just like Monet, who studied from the traditional painters, however he choose an opposite approach. Hence, he established his own style of art. Who can possibly be your inspriation?

I sugget visit the museums while you travel to find more inspirations. The Louvre, the museum that Monet studied at. Musee-orsay and Pompidou Center/National Museum of Modern Art. These are the famous museums in Paris with many master pieces of fine art.



Self Portrait With A Beret - Oscar-Claude Monet

Monet also known as Claude Monet. Who was born in November 14, 1840,  and died in December 5, 1926. He was one of the founder of French impressionist painting, who also established a consistent style of painting through out his career. The term Impressionism was obtained from the title of his painting Impression, Sunrise. Monet likes to challege large formats of  paiting with his perception in Giverny  nature, and accomplish the paitings with his own unique method of brush strokes. (More of his art style will be introduced in following post of this series.)

Monet started expressing his artistic talent in his early childhood, however, he became more devoted in art as career after he moved to Giverny. A peace little village that he enjoy to be in, Giverny provided him unstrained environment to establish and experiment his ideas. Monet settled in this home for forty years until his death. His most known arts were all produced in this home and the garden.

It is very important for artist to find  inspiring environment to emancipate their inner expression. I believe delivering the inner message from oneself is what makes an art unique and recognizable. If you live in this city with constrained space to work, I suggest The Art Students League located in mid-town manhattan. It is an institute founded in 1875 as a legacy for fine artists. Many famous artist studied and taught there, such as Georgia O’KeeffeCy TwomblyAi Weiwei to name just a few.




This blog will provide a platform for enthusiastic art students to discuss current exhibitions in Paris and exchange of convenientand affordable traveling information and experiences.

This blog focuses on the arts in Paris; this topic was inspired by my studies in art history class. I learned that Paris is on of the original creative centers of fine art. Many well-known fine artists were born in this beautiful city, such as Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Edouard Manet, and many more. I value this city as an artistic wonderland; I believe many art students value the city in the same way. In this blog, I will review and present the most current exhibitions in this city, and open discussion about exhibitions and travelling information and experiences. I hope to provide an unrestrained and free environment for the audience to share thoughts and experiences.