Do these images remind you Monet’s work?(my previous post of Meet Monet at Giverny, Monet’s work.) Absolutely for me. Landscape oil painting of water lily pond in bright day. Sky blue, pink,  and all the tin spring colors you can recall. he is the French painter who rejects the traditional approach to landscape painting and influenced impression art, Monet. (my previous post of Meet Monet at Giverny,  who is Monet.)

Images from Hip Paris Blog

He loves to paint oil landscape of his own garden in Giverny. Monet lived in Giverny for forty three years, from 1883 till his death in 1926. He design the house with his own ascetic taste to meet his needs of his family and professional life. He had a large house where he can have a studio of his own. However, he usually paint in the open air, and store the canvases in the studio. An attend to his home is like an visit of museum of his past.

What can possibility be a better experience in Paris with a wonderland of Monet. A summer afternoon to spend in Giverny with nostalgia of Monet’s past in present. I almost feel that visiting his garden in Giverny is like a 3D show in his art. If you are a fan of his art, what could be more precise than experiencing the same element of what the master had seen.

Monet’s Garden  is located in a village along the Seine about 46 miles to the west of Paris.  Today it is the main attraction for tourist to visit Giverny. Sounds like an option for this summer?