Self Portrait With A Beret - Oscar-Claude Monet

Monet also known as Claude Monet. Who was born in November 14, 1840,  and died in December 5, 1926. He was one of the founder of French impressionist painting, who also established a consistent style of painting through out his career. The term Impressionism was obtained from the title of his painting Impression, Sunrise. Monet likes to challege large formats of  paiting with his perception in Giverny  nature, and accomplish the paitings with his own unique method of brush strokes. (More of his art style will be introduced in following post of this series.)

Monet started expressing his artistic talent in his early childhood, however, he became more devoted in art as career after he moved to Giverny. A peace little village that he enjoy to be in, Giverny provided him unstrained environment to establish and experiment his ideas. Monet settled in this home for forty years until his death. His most known arts were all produced in this home and the garden.

It is very important for artist to find  inspiring environment to emancipate their inner expression. I believe delivering the inner message from oneself is what makes an art unique and recognizable. If you live in this city with constrained space to work, I suggest The Art Students League located in mid-town manhattan. It is an institute founded in 1875 as a legacy for fine artists. Many famous artist studied and taught there, such as Georgia O’KeeffeCy TwomblyAi Weiwei to name just a few.