When Monet traveled to Paris to visit The Louvre to study from old masters. He witnessed painters copying from existing paintings. Monet rather use his tools and paint what he saw by the window. (Found out who is Monet from my previous post of the Meet Monet at Givreny series.)

Water Lilies - Claude Oscar Monet - www.claudemonetgallery.org

Monet like to liberally experiment with technique to use on larger canvases than rely less on constantly checking a motif. His unique technique started the impressionism art, the bold stroke with high contrast colors. When I look at a paiting in close, each stroke almost makes me feels like they are unfinished, unpolished or very casual brush strokes; however, it makes up a full image when you view from a distance. Monet went against the traditional painting methods, and developed is own unique personal style. Which become a most recognizable and famous work.

Water Lilies  Evening Effect - Claude Oscar Monet - www.claudemonetgallery.org

Today his work can be find in well known museums such as MoMa, and Metropolitan Museum.

Experiencing more variety style of art can inspire you in an alternative way. Just like Monet, who studied from the traditional painters, however he choose an opposite approach. Hence, he established his own style of art. Who can possibly be your inspriation?

I sugget visit the museums while you travel to find more inspirations. The Louvre, the museum that Monet studied at. Musee-orsay and Pompidou Center/National Museum of Modern Art. These are the famous museums in Paris with many master pieces of fine art.