Graffiti is art

I think that graffiti is art. It can convey history by showing styles that were used in the past, or show events from the past and how they are viewed today. I think graffiti is art, even though it may be considered vandalism and illegal. I think the fact that doing graffiti illegally makes it art by itself. Art has always been about breaking rules and making other people mad or uncomfortable. There have been many artists who change up the style of art in their era and were heavily criticized and had their work considered garbage, but today are worth millions. I think the reason it is not as popular is because there are severe consequences if caught doing graffiti, so it makes it unappealing to do.

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Hurricane Sandy

I saw many pictures all over facebook, twitter and instagram. A lot of them were pictures of trees that fell over, flooded streets, dark clouds, and pictures of Sandy from SpongeBob. One interesting fake picture I saw was one my friend put on instagram with the caption “On my way to school” and in the picture there is a scuba diver in a train station. I found that rather hilarious because that kid would be the type of person to do something stupid like go scuba diving in a flooded station. I also saw a lot of pictures from the movie “The Day after tomorrow”, where a massive wave sweeps through Manhattan. I found the visual coverage of Hurricane Sandy to be hilarious.

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Food as Art

I do not think that using real food for “art” is actually art. I can see using paintings of food or photographs of food, but using actual food for art wouldn’t be something I would consider art. There are people starving in the world and people who use food to make art is not helping. If the food is eaten it would be art for a while but then the artwork aspect of it will be gone. I think these exhibits where people walk around and eat things, should not be considered art exhibits but be called “feasts”.

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Impossible Exhibitions

I would not go to a show to see digital reproductions, because I can go online a look at a high resolution picture of the art in the comfort of my own home and for free. I think it is important to see the real works because they were created with the hands of the artists. I feel that creating replicas of famous art works is OK, I don’t think its worth setting up a whole gallery based on replicas of the art. Why would someone go out of their way to view something they can view at their computers? I would go to an art show to view the actual canvas the painter touched, viewing how the artist viewed the same canvas while painting is what I would go to an exhibit for.

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Unpacking Picasso’s Les Demoiselles D’Avignon

What I find interesting about this painting is the faces on the women. I like how the faces are simple and distorted yet it is easily recognizable as a face because of small key features. I also like that the painting kind of looks like a collage,with the colors abruptly changing  and the weird shapes that make up the whole painting.  I think the painting was controversial for its time because the painting is based on a brothel  and the title includes the name of the street where the brothel is located. Also the fact that there are women naked in it, might make it controversial for its time.

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Graffiti is Art But

Graffiti is art but it is extremely bad but speaking from personal experince it is extremely fun and beautiful to look at and it is true when you have person to do somthing you dont feel the same way creating a piece as you do when you doing it underneath all the pressure of getting caught and hoping somebody dont see and call the cops on you because then you feel more passionate about your work because you pass bu it and see other people looking at your work and wondering who did it and you get a good feeling because they know you took the time to do it.

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Discussion Topic: A Medieval Monastery Rises in the 21st Century

I find the ideas that monks living by to be a little to drastic because most people dont even believe in god and the devil and then their are monks to base there whole life on fighting against the devil and taking oths not to sin and just being kept to them selfs and what not i think its a pretty good idea to build a monastery in the 21st century because monks are stilll around and still have thier belifs

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Discussion Topic: Pilgrimages Then and Now

I would take a terk like that because i like to be adventurous and climb and hike i enjoy nature but the difficulties they encoutured there brave men give them that much i honestly think i would get lost if i tried to do it back then with all the flies and stuff no i would hate it i hate flies and wouldnt be able to do it but there brave to beto stand all thie bugs and getting weather beaten.

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The Renaissance viewers would be curious and interested. They would be so curious in the painting of the holy trinity by Masaccio because Masaccio, using linear perspective was able to make the fresco look as if it was a 3D figure while the painting stayed flat. The illusion of linear perspective on the painting was interesting to the viewers because it was a revolutionary way of creating art and many other renaissance painters tried to accomplish what masaccio had done.

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Graffiti as Art, Graffiti as History

Graffiti is known as drawings scribbled, scratched or sprayed illicitly on a wall or surface of a public place. This can convey history through folk-art for example. Graffiti is another way of creatively expressing something with meaning to it. It also conveys history because contemporary artists use historical artworks as inspiration to make something that’s more modernized and relatable to others.

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