The Art of Food

I have to say that as a Hospitality Student that I am, I would never eat that. with that being said, I found stunning the technique that she used to show art in this exposition. Food and art go together because in order to present a dish you have to plate it in a way that cause eye appeal to the person who will eat it. But I believe that the way that she used to prove her point is not the most convenience. As it is said in the video, as soon as you see this large amounts of food you suddenly transport your mind to the Renaissance  time, where they used to celebrate feasts with big amount of food in the table. As I said before, I would not participate in this kind of event just because of the way that the food is being presented. Although the cheese hanging and melting on top of bread ( I think it was) was the very unique and impressive.

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Art History Parodies

I believe that Art Parodies is has many different uses, one of them is actually see and understand what the artist is trying to transmit in the paintings. But this is not the case, the police officer is actually making fun of the paintings. For example in the painting Liberty Leading the People, the officer is pepper spraying the under arm of the woman suggesting that she smells bad. In God Giving Adam Life he is like saying that God is not important so he pepper spayed his face. This is a really bad way of appreciating art. This method instead of making contribution to art, it destroys what took years t make it legendary.

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Impossible Exhibitions, The Caravaggio Show

When you buy a expensive brand bag or a watch you want to make sure is original, but not everyone can have it. It is the same with this exhibition. Not everyone can go to Rome and appreciate this paintings, but thanks to technology we are able to appreciate this amazing pieces all around the world. This expensive and famous painting of Caravaggio, Leonardo and Raphael can be transported from country to country to be viewed by the audience when we have the new technology that can make it look even better than the original painting. Technology plays an important role in this time and if we can see and appreciate this unique paintings from whatever part of the world we may be, why would not do it.


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Picasso’s Les Demoiselles D’Avignon

Pablo Picasso had a purpose by painting this. He wanted to show that when painting, it is possible to borrow techniques and forms from other cultures and countries. For example, he borrowed African art and sculpture by painting the faces of the woman like a mask. If you take a closer look to it, the eyes and nose are painted out of scale ( the eyes are way not one next to each other there is actually one lower than the other). He also used the Iberian art by making the woman look like Kouros. What strikes me the most about this painting is the color and positions that he painted the woman. He wanted to make sure that as soon as you look at the painting, you see five woman that are waiting to be picked by the audience.


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This artwork by Picasso well I can see why its famous, the women look so unusual and they spark some curiosity as to what he was thinking when he decided to create them. I think perhaps he was thinking of women and then on the other hand some farm animals as well because some of the women have faces that look like a horse and something else that I just can’t put my finger on. Through research I was able to find out the he drew his inspiration from Iberian and African art. The color he used was also interesting, makes me think it was a bright sunny warm day. The women seem to be comfortable in their own skin as well by the raising of the arms and legs being open in stooped way. When I look at this art work I feel like an inner me may be coming out and I can move and pose anyway I want to. It was this play of showing multiple view points at once that was innovation to the art seen during his time. I do think this painting was controversial during its time. The fact the he forces the audience to be the client might make some people uneasy. However because the images are not real looking they do take away some of the shame one might feel looking at this picture.

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hurricane sandy

I think this picture of the Williamsburg Bridge half lit up is classical. Lower Manhattan had no electrical supply and it was that way for a while. To me it looks like a part of the city lost it life supply and now it dark and dead. In comparison to how bright the other side was shining it represents life and warmth while lower Manhattan just looked cold and as if there were no vegetation there. In fact when there was but I’m quite sure, they weren’t sure themselves if they really were living. For how could they be living in a 1st world country and have this happen to them when the hurricane wasn’t even a category 5. Even the waters look dead on the other side. I think this iis a real photo. Here is an image of what happened on my block.



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Art Parody

I think this art work is very creative and jovial. It brings about thought of the American society right now and the growing obesity epidemic. Here is this man holding a sandwich, a can of soda and his TV remote on what seems to be a bed of one huge doughnut. It represents the sedentary lifestyle that goes along with that habit of eating everything that comes out of a processed container. I recognized about 4 of the images, having previous knowledge of the original purpose of the images makes it easier to understand the messages. For example the homer parody was copied off da Vinci’s Vitruvian man which is cannon for the perfect man whereas this is the perfect cannon for an obese man. Most of the times I see parodies of  art work American gothic.

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Art Parodies

I think that art parodies are readymades. I think that they are also hilarious. I’ve recognized majority of the paintings shown in the article. And some of the paintings do make sense like in Picasso’s Guernica the people are all running around because of the bombing that took place, but with the parody the people are running around because of the pepper spray.

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medieval monestary

What I find most interesting about the plan is the fact that they have a description for each building, including what it would be used for, with three hundred thirty three inscriptions.Also that the plan includes about 40 structures along with gardening, fencing etc. I think the reason they are building it now is to show that back in the medieval days, they were amazing at architecture. I also think they are building it because the plans are the earliest preserved visualization of a building complex. Also the way the monks had to live was astounding. There were so many restrictions and guidelines they had to follow.

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Recyclable Art

I believe art is everything. Anything that is created naturally or man made is art, regardless if it was intended to be art or not. So regardless if someone uses old objects to create new pieces of artwork the person who made the original object is also an artist. I feel that everyone owns art because we all have a part in art whether we know it or not. Like if someone throws out a piece of wood they might not realize that the piece of wood is used in some famous work of art and therefore they own a little bit of that artwork.

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