The Art of Food

I have to say that as a Hospitality Student that I am, I would never eat that. with that being said, I found stunning the technique that she used to show art in this exposition. Food and art go together because in order to present a dish you have to plate it in a way that cause eye appeal to the person who will eat it. But I believe that the way that she used to prove her point is not the most convenience. As it is said in the video, as soon as you see this large amounts of food you suddenly transport your mind to the Renaissance  time, where they used to celebrate feasts with big amount of food in the table. As I said before, I would not participate in this kind of event just because of the way that the food is being presented. Although the cheese hanging and melting on top of bread ( I think it was) was the very unique and impressive.

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  1. Saltele says:

    I agree that food is art, the presentation of it makes all the difference.

    Saltele pat

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