This artwork by Picasso well I can see why its famous, the women look so unusual and they spark some curiosity as to what he was thinking when he decided to create them. I think perhaps he was thinking of women and then on the other hand some farm animals as well because some of the women have faces that look like a horse and something else that I just can’t put my finger on. Through research I was able to find out the he drew his inspiration from Iberian and African art. The color he used was also interesting, makes me think it was a bright sunny warm day. The women seem to be comfortable in their own skin as well by the raising of the arms and legs being open in stooped way. When I look at this art work I feel like an inner me may be coming out and I can move and pose anyway I want to. It was this play of showing multiple view points at once that was innovation to the art seen during his time. I do think this painting was controversial during its time. The fact the he forces the audience to be the client might make some people uneasy. However because the images are not real looking they do take away some of the shame one might feel looking at this picture.

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