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Homework Response: Polykleitos video

This video of  the Polykleitos is in between when it comes to accuracy. The reason for this is because some of the points made like when he mentioned that the position of the foot and the weight being placed on one and how weight is being shifted. But there were some in … Continue reading

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Discussion Topic: Graffiti as Art, Graffiti as History

Graffiti has existed since ancient times and continues as an important form of creative expression today. Watch the following videos on contemporary artists Barry McGee (b. 1966) and Margaret Kilgallen (d. 2001) and the beginning of a clip on Roman … Continue reading

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Response: Polykleitos video

The narrator had few errors when talking about Polykleitos , although his explanation on contrapposto was okay he did make a mistake. He stated while one side of the body is in motion and the other isn’t, when it should … Continue reading

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Homework:Response to Video on Polykleitos’Doryphorous

I do not believe there was an error in the video. The narrators description of the contrapposto was correct; He mentions that one leg is bent and holds little to no weight while the other leg supports the whole body … Continue reading

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Respond to video

Contrapposto is defined as the disposition of the human figure in where one part of the human body is turned opposite to another part, which creates a counter position of the body on its central axis. The weight of the body is thrown to … Continue reading

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Homework: Response to Video on Polykleitos’ Doryphorous

In this video on Polykleitos’ Doryphorous, the narrator deconstructs the features that collectively compose contrapposto. First, the narrator begins to explain that Polykleitos uses “theoretical rods” to highlight key points in the body- head, shoulders, knees, and feet- and defines … Continue reading

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Pericles speech response:

The reading on Pericles funeral discusses death and the idea of how a boy actually becomes recognized as a man during their time period. Furthermore the author goes on to discuss the hard times and their response to adversity during … Continue reading

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Polykleitos’ Doryphorous

As we know the contrapposto is the disposition of the human figure in which one part is turned in opposition to another part, creating a counter positioning of the body about its central axis. Sometimes called “weight shift” because the weight of the body … Continue reading

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Homework: What’s wrong with this video on Polykleitos’ Doryphorous?

Watch the following excerpt from the BBC on Polykleitos’ canon. Given what you know about the contrapposto, what mistake does the narrator make in reference to the Doryphorous? DEADLINE: Please post your answers to this homework assignment before our next … Continue reading

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Response to Pericles funeral speech

As i have read Pericles funeral speech talking about death and what makes a man a man in his time period, the struggles and reactions they go through during their crisis. Pericles saying “We cultivate refinement without extravagance and knowledge … Continue reading

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