Polykleitos’ Doryphorous

As we know the contrapposto is the disposition of the human figure in which one part is turned in opposition to another part, creating a counter positioning of the body about its central axis. Sometimes called “weight shift” because the weight of the body tends to be thrown to one foot, creating tension on one side and relaxation on the other. And as the narrator said in the short film that “one side of the body is in motion and the other is at rest”. This is partially wrong because as we know contrapposto says that one foot must be holding up all the weight and thus cannot be at rest but a weight holder for the rest of the body.

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  1. ACamara says:

    Contrapposto is a representation of the human body in which one side of the body is relaxed and the other in motion. In most cases a humans weight is compacted on one foot which is the foot that is motionless and the other foot has no weight which is the foot that is in motion. The video on Polykleitos’ Doryphorous, the narrator describes how the sculptor created the sculpture, Doryphorous. The sculptor divides the body into four quadrants, one vertical line straight down the middle of the body and a horizontal line at the middle of the body. The sculptor then shifts the left foot back and bends to show that the body is in motion. Also, the sculptor bends the left arm of the body. While the left arm and foot were in motion, the right arm was relaxed and so was the right foot but only that the weight of the body was compacted on the right foot. Lastly, the sculptor shifted the head and hips toward the right and the chest toward the right to make the body look more realistic.

    I thought the mistake the narrator made was saying that the head and hips was facing toward the same direction but the chest and hip was faced the same direction which was toward the left. But however, I viewed the original sculpture and it looked like the hips and head was faced toward the right. Therefore I couldn’t find the mistake the narrator made.

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