Discussion Topic: Can you recycle art?

Who makes art? Who owns art? These are some of the questions we’ll discuss here and in class. See how to different contemporary artists recycle images to produce art. Do you consider this art?

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16 Responses to Discussion Topic: Can you recycle art?

  1. Emeron says:

    I believe that art cannot be owned by one individual. Once art is made by the artist it is for the world to see. It is what the artist would want. Every art has a purpose and a reason why it is created; it is for the viewer to decide and decipher the reason why it was created. I don’t think art can be destroyed, once made and seen by a viewer an art will continue forever, being recreated over and over with different changes and qualities, but still has aspects from the original as seen in with the code of Hammurabi being recreated over and over with different versions and the sculpture with the man standing being made differently each time but with the same broad idea of an ideal man. Art can be made with virtually anything as shown in the video. As long as you have an idea then you have “art”.

    • Art can be created by any person because it is a personal reflection of one’s ideas and observations. Since art is a shared idea it is impossible to own. Once art is shared it is opened for interpretation and adaptation. As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” We can see this with the Senegalese artist, Mamadou Tall Diedhou and his bird sculptures made from recycled cell phones and various materials he finds in the streets of his neighborhood. He found a way to convey his love for birds, with an effective use of materials that would otherwise be deemed as waste. This to me is considered to be art because it is a way to convey a passion through a method that is not conventional. Mamadou could just say “I love birds”, however Mamadou shows it through a way where the whole world can appreciate the bird sculptures he continues to create. Art can be created through any means. From the music we listen to everyday to a bouquet of flowers a florist puts together. Art can be everything with a seed of thought put into it.

  2. tazad8912 says:

    These small videos bring in to light the universal aspect of art by this i mean art is all around you at all times things people have created you see in your everyday life. To further elaborate ” Art” cant be possessed the reason being is that an artist creates his piece to be admired by other thus one can not claim art as to be there own although they could take credit for being the inventor of that piece. Also this relates to much of what has been shown in class as the bird pieces although many of them had unique qualities that basis for which they had been created was all the same a lot like the Greek sculptures. Art is and ever evolving concept and the videos bring into light how art can be constructed from everyday waste. The beauty of art is in the eye of the beholder thus no one can say something that was made from waste cannot be perceived as art it all depends on the creator and how he wants it to be perceived.

  3. Though there are many definitions of art, each person has their own views of what art is and emotional connection. Although an artist may make a creation to evoke a thought, feeling or idea; once the seed is planted there is no telling what the connections it has for the person. It is these unique view points of the audience which may inspire another form of art/ art piece. Cell phones were once just a sketch that morphed into an actual device; that later influence a man in Senegal to create Bird sculptures. So I do believe art can be recycling. The main purpose of art is to inspire the audience whether it is another artist or not.

  4. Ivan Morales says:

    When artists produce art, I believe they are making it with the intention of showing the world. No artist makes art and expects to “own” or keep it for him or herself. Even using things that individuals once owned such as scraps of paper or old cell phones does not mean they own it. This is shown through the art work of Mamadou Tall Diedhiou. He uses old cell phones and other scraps of objects found in the streets of Senegal to create birds to share with the world. He as even taught others how to create his magnificent pieces of art work. Recycling pieces of scrap paper or old cell phones does not mean their creations are not art. Art can be made from anything, it all depends on a person’s imagination and creativity. As shown through the videos, both artists believe that it is better to recycle used objects for art rather than brand new ones because it helps the environment. In the first video, the artist even takes pictures that other people have taken and forms it into his own type of art. By doing this, he is not saying that he now owns this piece of art, but is expressing his idea that “no imagery should be owned”.

  5. Waseem Qurashi says:

    I believe that art cant really be own by anyone because art is like an expression of your feelings, and im quite certain that an expression cant be own or feelings for that matter. To me art is something that really cant ever be possesed but actually something that can be shared. Art is kind of like snacks if you have someone to share it with it would always taste better.So if you ask me if art can be owned I wouldnt be able to answer it any better than the man in the first video its just like what he said “Art is like words and you cant own words its just stuff we use.”

    If you ask me if I consider this art then I would say yes because An artist makes his art to express him/herself and lets the word enjoy it even if it is recycled. Everyone probrably knows the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” and artists who recycle basically do the same and that same “trash” that someone threw out then becomes an item that is treasured not only by the artist but by the people who adore the art as well. Also what I loved about the recycling is not only that the artists are making beautiful pieces of art but also protecting the world they are making the art for; they arent just showing their love for art but also their love for earth.

  6. melissa says:

    Art has an origin which is the human mind it is owned by the creator. After being expose to the audience, minds become the new “owner” of the piece of work. It takes imagination and creativity to make art, to build something that can catch societies attention specially when everyone have a different perspective towards things, different points of views. Some people might think that creating birds with cellphones is not creative, but what they don’t realize is that something with a different purpose can be view as “messengers from the sky telling us that a new day has started”. It takes creativity to create an image out of different pictures. Art can definitely be created in many different ways whether it is recycle or an idea from someone else and recreated from someone else point of view or from its origin.

  7. Art is a creation made by someone to express him or herself, and so art itself cannot be owned. An artist makes his or her art for everyone to see, if someone simply creates a piece for himself then that is not art. Art is created for minds to admire, and have their own perspective on someone’s piece. Art can be seen portrayed in many different ways, while Mamadou Tall Diedhiou used scraps he found in the streets and broken cell phones to create what he sees as art, others may see this as something else. Mamadous pieces on birds are considered art because he created them based on his passion and love for birds, because he loves them so much and because he is able to see this as something else he was able to create what he sees as “Art”. Art itself can be remade and recycled, whether remade or recycled from another person’s views, art is still made and created for others enjoyment.

  8. jaguilar says:

    I believe art is everything. Anything that is created naturally or man made is art, regardless if it was intended to be art or not. So regardless if someone uses old objects to create new pieces of artwork the person who made the original object is also an artist. I feel that everyone owns art because we all have a part in art whether we know it or not. Like if someone throws out a piece of wood they might not realize that the piece of wood is used in some famous work of art and therefore they own a little bit of that artwork.

  9. I consider art to be a universal experience and so I believe it is shared rather than owned- however, works of art may be acquired for ownership. Art is demonstrated and expressed everywhere; art can be acknowledged in the markings and patterns found naturally in an object, or it can be something that is handmade, and so to me art has many creators. Art is constantly evolving and is a reflection of change that occurs through generations. I think what is considered to be art is determined by an individual and many have different interpretations of what it is. However, all art is relative in that it is forms of expression and symbolic of life. In regards to the two artists mentioned above, I considered both their works to be art. They used disposed, or “recuperated” items- a thoughtful term used by the Senegalese artist- to illustrate and translate ideas into visual works.

  10. I think anything can be considered art as long it has meaning to its creator. John doesn’t believe photo graphs belong to anyone but I think a photograph can explain so much or can be a very cherish able moment for someone so it should belong to them. Even though recycled art of birds is a lil strange to me I liked the message very much as he explained birds are messengers of the sun. I think as long as something has meaning to you it can be considered art because you are only portraying your message or feeling to the world around you.

  11. ACamara says:

    Art is way of a human being to express their creative imagination that is either representational or non-representational. I think an art work can be recycled as long as it’s still being produced as art. However, if an artist is going to recycle another artist’s artwork, credit/homage has to be given to first artist. Everyone has their own mind, one artist’s artwork is not for everyone to used/recycle without paying respects to the original artist. I would hate if I was an artist and another artist recycles one of my artwork and gets more credit for it without showing homage to me.

  12. Karim says:

    I feel as though art can be created by anyone at anytime, its more of a mid state then actually creating it. Just because the art is recycled, the artist can have his or her own variation of the art work. As long as you pay your dues and give credit to the first artist that created the original version of your work, I feel as though you should be able too. But then again, art isn’t owned by one person, it is universal.

  13. Juwel says:

    There are several ways you could go on this, but my suspicion is that one will get you better results than the others. Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Artists once surrendered to the creative Spirit, now they brand their products. Yes, you can recycle art since it’s created by human. Recycled art is not something that is beautiful, but just a waste of time and space. It’s like alchemy which turns base metal into gold, except that it turns trashes into gold. The video brought up how colorful art is. The art gives things a clear vision and it makes it look alive. The main theme of art is to give something a meaning or make it look real by coloring or drawing and yes it can be recycled.

  14. Although a work of art is made my a specific person, i do not believe that any one individual should and could own it. Art is for the world to see and to enjoy, and art can be made either by painting it, sculpting it and even using recycled parts. As shown in the video, even though the pieces might be recycled and might not work for their specific duties, they can be used for something else such as art. The second video is the best example of this, the man picks up what we consider trash and turns it into an amazing work of art. They might not be as beautiful, famous and expense as other wrks of art, but i think recycled art is still art, no one and nothing should say otherwise.

  15. Art is made by the artist. I believe that sometimes artworks are owned by people (it depends) It doesn’t mean however, that it can’t be shared or appreciated by others. Any creation by the artist can be art. It doesn’t matter if the art work is made from waste or not. I think it is very caring and sweet that the senegal artist wants to turn something as terrible and ugly as waste (which creates pollution) into something as beautiful as art. I think that video is very inspirational. More artists should start making the world more beautiful and better by creating art from waste.

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