Homework #3

This article puts me to sleep because I don’t believe a word they say. I don’t believe in spiritualism because I think it is a hoax and a bunch of nonsense. There is no way that you can communicate with the dead no matter how much you want to prove it with photographs. Spiritualism is a bunch of tricks that people invent to scare people like in Halloween. There is a lot of spiritualism in Mexico where my parents are from and the people who believe in that are very delusional and considered like if it was a religion which is not. You also see it in horror movies and books, they use spiritualism to scare people and how can you take it seriously if they are using it in a violent way. People who believe in spiritualism and want to prove that is real stuff are just wasting there times because at the end of the day is just nonsense.

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  1. Spiritualism is not exactly a hoax, there are things that cannot be proven, like the accurate description of someone who pass away, I agree that we are far from being able to photograph a sharp image of a ghost/spirit/demons? but there are images that show a blurry image of a human, with no scientific explanation of how is it that the shape of a person can be seen in photographs, spiritualism isn’t something that can be clarify with a simple opinion, there is evidence that there could be something there, and as long as we have people interested and trying their hardest to communicate with the unseen then let it be.

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