Alexander Mohabir: Coffee or Food?

If I had a choice of food or coffee it would depend. If it was my favorite drink from Starbucks or not. I love both coffee and food but I think I’d end up picking  food after it all. From my experience with coffee you can get withdrawal from it if you have an excess or just get use to having it so often. When you feed that hunger for that craving you  feel like a brand new person and you can do anything. Since the food portions were so little during the Civil War that the coffee was probably more filling in terms of appetite to the soldiers. What I find vastly interesting though is how soldiers can actually live off such portions and be able to be as strong as they are imagined to be which they were not because of the lack of food. Not to mention the horrible conditions these soldiers were in during the war; lingering water, blood and human tissue was in the bunkers and pits that the soldiers were in for the majority of the Civil War. When it rained it flooded the bunkers with rain. Poor sleeping conditions,, poor conditions all around, and lack of food.

I do like food and coffee immensely. I do not think I could ever live without lobster. I never wanted to try it as a little kid… But once i had it I fell in love.

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